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  1. amy4342

    What size and type CO2 cylinder and where to get them in South Wales?

    There’s a seller of refurbished fire extinguishers on Facebook marketplace - I got two delivered for £35 a few months back. I get mine refilled at Gas Link Wales in Pontyclun-I think it’s around £5 for a 2kg FE.
  2. amy4342

    Lots of Algae Problems

    Hi all Thanks very much for all the helpful replies. So I've done some maintenance on the tank this last week - cleaned both filters, vacuumed the gravel and done a 25% water change every day. I've also figured out how to hook up my HMA filter to the shower so I can do larger water changes...
  3. amy4342

    Lots of Algae Problems

    Hi all As a previous member, I've not been on here for some time because I had to give up all of my tanks while I moved house a few times. I'm now back on my feet and I purchased this 6' x 2' x 2' tank in January 2017. I planted it and ran it without fish for around 6 months whilst the plants...
  4. amy4342

    Best reactor for 500l tank?

    I'm using two AM100's in a 450 litre tank and think they're brill. I initially used a AM100 on one side and an UP inline diffuser on the other - soon had to ditch the UP due to the bubbles. There is a faint trickline noise from both the AM100's, but I don't hear them when shut inside the cabinet.
  5. amy4342

    Please could someone check EI dosing

    Oh drat! Then why am I dosing 6g of potassium phosphate and 60g of potassium sulphate? Brill, I'll add some Ca. The rotalabutterfly calculator suggests I add 23g of CaSO4, which will give 15ppm of Calcium and raise the GH by 2dkh. This seems like a lot to me? I'll also add some potassium...
  6. amy4342

    Please could someone check EI dosing

    Thanks both for the advice! I've used the rotalabutterfly link to calculate my dosing - so easy! I think I may switch to dry dosing actually - measure doses into little pots - will be so much easier. Ian, I switched to RO water years ago after I started having issues with livestock, and this...
  7. amy4342

    Please could someone check EI dosing

    Hi all It's been a really long time since I posted here - I've been out of the hobby for a good few years. It's so good to be back :) I was lucky enough to pick up a display model Aqua Oak 450l systemised tank and cabinet with a damaged tank, so they replaced the tank with an opti-white...
  8. amy4342

    Do I go for T5 or LED lighting for deep tank?

    Hi all Well, it's been a while since I've posted here - I've taken some time out of the planted tank scene due to a house move and renovations. These are finally finished, so I've finally been able to get a tidy sized tank. I finally settled on a Maidenhead Aquatics Aqua Oak tank, with...
  9. amy4342

    buying a new tank

    The cheapest place I got a quote from was actually Maidenhead Aquatics - Seashell. The can do opti-white too :silent:
  10. amy4342

    Random shrimp deaths in mature tank

    I experienced something like this - in my nano tank, shrimps stopped becoming berried and seemed to die off, of natural causes, one by one until the colony had completely died off. Tried everything, raising KH, GH, mineral rocks, changed all the filters and cleaned the RO unit, new plants etc...
  11. amy4342

    P@H/Coopet Nano cube

    These are also in stock in the Cardiff branch - four 25 litres in stock and three 17 litres.
  12. amy4342

    what's this on my loach skin?

    I would probably just add some Melafix - it's fine with Discus. Should aid healing.
  13. amy4342

    maidenhead tanks

    Maidenhead can get the tank custom made without bracing if you ask them, although it does cost a bit more.
  14. amy4342

    is welding co2 safe to use

    If you have a machine mart anywhere near you, the same bottles only cost £14.39, or £11.99 on a VAT free day. http://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/produ ... inder-600g.
  15. amy4342

    External filter for 28l nano?

    I use a Fluval 105 on my 20l Arc