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    IAPLC 2018

    Great result!
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    IAPLC 2018

    Ideally I would add all the UKAPS members to this list too (I've picked all the UK ones as we are UK based) as we are a worldwide community but as I've not been on here for a while I have lost track of who is who. If someone wants to pick out the UKAPS members from the list and add them on here...
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    IAPLC 2018

    Hi All, The results are out as I'm sure many of you are aware. The UK entries and rank: 81 - Pavol Kulanda 483 - George Farmer 681 - Konrad Michalski 739 - James Starr-Marshall 805 - Stephen Rhodes 822 - Dorin-Florian Romaniuc 1087 - Piotr Kwiatkowski 1116 - Michael Gittins 1172 - Jay Keegan...
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    Hello from North London

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji106]
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    Minnow Island

    Having moved about 8 months ago now I've finally got round to setting up another tank. I pretty much only have one space for it and that is in the fireplace. The space itself has dictated many of my choices like tank, stand and filter. I would like to have got an Aquascaper 600 to benefit from...
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    What are these????

    I used Panacur as well and followed Darrel's dosing calculation here:
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    Newbie here

    Hi Philip! Welcome to the forum! [emoji106]
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    Hello all.

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji106]
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    Hello from Farnborough Hampshire

    Hi! Welcome onboard! [emoji106]
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    Hello hello

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji106]
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    Hi! Welcome to the forum! [emoji4]
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    ADA 45P Forest scape

    Looking forward to see this progress. ADA tanks are expensive but they are nice too. I just bought a 60P and will be setting it up shortly.
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    Welcome back. I need a Reg soon and have been hoping the site would be back up.
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    IAPLC 2017 Results

    A few but I have not had time to put them together. Will try and get a list together. [emoji4]
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    IAPLC 2017 Results

    Just 6 from the UK this year. George Farmer - 393 David Pierce - 611 Stephen Rhodes - 758 Alexea Tonge - 917 Ivana Bielikova - 1140 Mike Genna - 1269