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Recent content by Aqua sobriquet

  1. Aqua sobriquet

    Neo Flow Premium - goodbye standalone surface skimmer?

    Thanks for the input Psfor. I’m wondering now if I could make one of those for my stainless steel output pipe?
  2. Aqua sobriquet

    Britta filtered water good for plants?

    As a point of interest, I use rainwater in my 60L and 37L most of the time but for quick top ups I sometimes use tap and Zero filtered water. The water in my area is quite hard so I don’t like to use tap on its own or I’ll get unwanted deposits on the glass and hardware. Fish and Shrimps seem...
  3. Aqua sobriquet

    A warning to anyone thinking of using frozen food bags to cool your aquarium

    Yes, I’m sitting here typing away with a nice cool breeze from the AC.
  4. Aqua sobriquet

    I wonder?

    What happened to that stainless steel canister filter build? Did it fill up with CO2? 😆
  5. Aqua sobriquet

    To sump or not to sump

    The only problem with using one filter for several tanks is that if you have any kind of problem it will affect all the tanks. Personally I think I’d go with a sponge filter in each tank
  6. Aqua sobriquet

    Neo Flow Premium - goodbye standalone surface skimmer?

    I think perhaps the idea is that if it’s taken from the surface and moved into the main water column it can be processed by the filter?
  7. Aqua sobriquet

    Aquatic Mosses

    The mosses in both of my tanks have gone mad. Fairly standard LED lighting and external filters.
  8. Aqua sobriquet

    Fish Hiding

    I’ve had Corydoras eggs stuck to the glass again today. This has happened at least 5 or 6 times that I’m aware of.
  9. Aqua sobriquet

    Moving home with a fish tank...

    Is it just plants or are there livestock as well?
  10. Aqua sobriquet

    Fish Hiding

    This is the tank at the moment, I have 4 Sterbai and 1 Panda plus some shrimps.
  11. Aqua sobriquet

    Fish Hiding

    I have six Corydoras in my 60L and I very rarely see them, they constantly hide. I’ve been thinking of scrapping this tank and getting a larger tank that is landscaped in such a way that they cannot hide. Would this be a bad idea? At the moment it’s pointless having them in my current tank as I...
  12. Aqua sobriquet

    Which External Filter is best?

    You may be right. I’d like to visit the factory where the Eheim Classic’s are made to see exactly how the pump heads are assembled. It may give an insight into why some of them are so noisy?
  13. Aqua sobriquet

    Which External Filter is best?

    Yes, that’s how I bought mine. It came with everything in the box. I’ve stopped using the filter basket with mine though as I found once the media started to get clogged I was getting bypass.
  14. Aqua sobriquet

    Which External Filter is best?

    Some of the Eheim Classic models were available as “Thermo Filters”. As a result there is a space at the top of the filter to contain the controls. This open space (arrowed in the picture) on standard filters acts like a amplifier to increase any noise coming from the impeller. On my filter I...
  15. Aqua sobriquet

    Which External Filter is best?

    I’ve got a Tetra EX400 and an Eheim 2213 on a couple of Nano’s at the moment. The Tetra EX400 is virtually silent whilst I’ve had to do some stuff to the Eheim to reduce the noise from it. Both work well enough.