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    ID Help Nedded

    The photo from Greenline is an emersed plant (hard to tell between E.latifolius and E. quadricostatus). They are strikingly similar but E.quadricostatus has shorter and broader leaves. Leaves are also a little more fragile compared to E.latifolius. Anyway, both as sought after for their flowy...
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    Published photos in new book

    Congratulations George. The new book is using about 50 of our photos as well.
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    ID Help Nedded

    From the pictures, it definitely looks like Echinodorus latifolius. What made you doubt its ID?
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    Elatine triandra

    Yes, it's true and anyone who's attempting to buy this plant should already know that it's a fragile plant. We have shipped this to the UK to a hobbyist, quite some time ago. Not sure if they made it though.
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    soooooooooo cheeeeeeeeeesed off

    It would definitely help to know exactly which species of Amazon Sword you are trying to grow. Some of them do have slightly more requirements and preferences. Actually most Swords required good lights to achieve good growth. 1.8wpg isn't a lot of light for these plants, although some easier...
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    I need a foreground low level plant with good roots

    Pearling actually occurs from undissolved O2 in the water. This is very normal during water changes.
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    Anubias barteri var. angustifolia?

    From the root system and leaf shape, it's definitely a Crypt. Most likely, it's Cryptocoryne x willisii.
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    I need a foreground low level plant with good roots

    I'll second the Echinodorus tenellus. They do adapt quite fast and have good root structures. However, no plants will be able to withstand an onslaught of poking fishes when first planted. They all need time to really 'grip' the substrate.
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    Interesting sword for 3 footer

    The following red Swords are just the right size for a 3ft aquarium. - Echinodorus barthii - Echinodorus horemanii 'Red' (may be difficult) - Echinodorus 'Oriental' (young leaves are pink) - Echinodorus osiris (young leaves are reddish brown) - Echinodurus 'Ozelot' (red specks) - Echinodurus...