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  1. aquaticmaniac

    Rock Identification Help

    Nice stones...I second the vote for basalt with quartz inclusions. I've had a look around and can't seem to find anywhere to buy stones that look like these. I'd have a look around quarries, if you haven't, you never know what you might find :)
  2. aquaticmaniac

    Where are all the Girls??

    *puts hand up* I'm female and been in the hobby since I was 11, but I'm an outdoorsy nerd. When I lived in America, I noticed quite a few more women in the hobby, but not so much in the UK. I don't think the techy/science side of the hobby necessarily scares off the ladies, but more men seem to...
  3. aquaticmaniac

    Getting there!

    Very lush - I'm envious :)
  4. aquaticmaniac

    Goldfish - the Destroyers

    I'll probably put some of my java ferns and crypts in and see what happens :) Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. aquaticmaniac

    Goldfish - the Destroyers

    Thanks, Ed. I was hoping for bigger plants, but will keep those in mind. I'm not sure the pond gets enough light for a lily. If it didn't work out, I could always move it to the outdoor pond. Thanks again :)
  6. aquaticmaniac

    Goldfish - the Destroyers

    Hello all, long time no post. I haven't been around much since I live on a boat (only fish in the water!), but I've got a question. My MIL has a ~300 gallon freestanding (black) indoor pond with goldfish. It's in a conservatory, and the only lighting is sunlight; has good flow, but some stiller...
  7. aquaticmaniac

    UKAPS Pico Contest - Results!

    Congrats to the top 5 :) I enjoyed seeing all of the entries.
  8. aquaticmaniac


    Waiting for the results brings excitement to life on a cold, damp boat :P I'm sure they'll be posted soon!
  9. aquaticmaniac

    Need an id of These mosses.

    I'll gladly take some pics under my microscope for you. I could post them here and see if that helps people ID them? I'm working on our boat at the moment, so I won't be back for a few days. The pics won't be perfect, but they should help, if it's possible to ID them.
  10. aquaticmaniac

    First attempt at macro photography

    Hi Bob! Is that Brendabob in the background? It's a good start :) More pics of the set up!
  11. aquaticmaniac

    Saintly's UK woodland observations

    Love the one with the ducks in the background and the flower shots. The detail is mind blowing on all of them, though! What camera/lens did you use on these?
  12. aquaticmaniac

    some park shots

    Agreed on the stump! Thanks for the photos, Mark. The bird is now my desktop background :D Gorgeous stuff.
  13. aquaticmaniac

    some park shots

    These are...friggin awesome! 3 & 4 are my favourites. I'm going to do a Gill and ask for them too :lol: Hubby and I think you should enter the wildlife photography of the year competition. (Just don't make the squirrel jump over a fence :P )
  14. aquaticmaniac

    Long exposure pics from my trip to london

    Those look MILES better than my first time long exposure ones :shock: I like the second one the best.
  15. aquaticmaniac

    sams reed frog tank

    Damned cute! Makes me miss my amphibians and reptiles :( Maybe I'll give the reed frogs a go some time.