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Recent content by Arana

  1. Arana

    My real ADA 60pxd, Scapers tank 55 and UNS60f hobby return.

    Welcome Back Garuf! Tanks are looking great mate 👍
  2. Arana

    A 90cm New Beginning

    Thanks Vijay, Yes it is a C02 Art inline diffuser.
  3. Arana

    A 90cm New Beginning

    Thanks Mate, it looks pretty much the same as above right now but i feel like a change, no rush though i will give it some thought first. It might just end up with a massive trim :D
  4. Arana

    A 90cm New Beginning

    If you mean attached to the wood then it is Bolbitis heudelotii
  5. Arana

    A 90cm New Beginning

    I think it's time for a re-scape on this :eek:
  6. Arana

    Pinnatifida Flowers

    The first time i have had Pinnatifida flower :)
  7. Arana

    Hardscape Challenge 2020 Winners

    Congrats everyone 👏
  8. Arana

    Aquarium Gardens Latest Scape

    Very Nice, look forward to seeing it in the flesh once we are all allowed out to play again :)
  9. Arana

    Hardscape Challenge 2020 (likes) Competition Winner!

    @Konrad Michalski Congratulations, great job :clap:
  10. Arana

    Back after ten years .

    I also had a break but back now with a couple of tanks :thumbup:
  11. Arana

    Back after ten years .

    Welcome back John :thumbup:
  12. Arana

    Scape Contest Comments

    I have posted mine, come on get involved everyone. :thumbup:
  13. Arana

    UKAPS Hardscape Challenge 2020

    Country: UK UKAPS nickname: Arana Tank Size: 45x27x30 (36 Litres) Title: Caridina Dreaming
  14. Arana

    A 90cm New Beginning

    This is where we are now...
  15. Arana

    A 90cm New Beginning

    Loving the way the immersed growth is looking now especially the Rotala, on the right, which is growing horizontally through the Blyxa Following on from the big trim and adding gravel to the left hand side last week the makeover continues today and i am planning on removing all of the...