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    Damn D&D problems

    I use a D+D Regulator with solenoid. Its been up and running for quite a while now, no problems. I do have one slight niggle with it though, the nut to fasten it to the bottle wasnt compatible for fire extinguishers so i bought an adapter. But when i need to change the fire extinguisher, the...
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    Amsterdam Aquarium shops??

    Why not try going in the Bulldog Bar? They sell different kinds of Ferns there with different strengths and tastes. They even have menus and a pricelists on blackboards posted throughout the bar. If you are thirsty you can even get a beer or two :lol: Mind you couldnt see many aquatic plants...
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    My first journal; Multiple tanks - Video updates

    Good luck with your little 'un Azaezl. just read through your entire journal, You can sort your tanks out any time, (although looking at the pics, they dont seem to be doing too badly) the main concern is your little un.
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    Goldfish bowl - new plant selection (and exciting news too!)

    Just read this post Sam. Good Luck with the tanks and the scapes.
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    Corydoras Melanotaenia - Beautiful golds

    nice Corys. Nice clean substrate for them too. Im fond of the little blighters myself. You may find that the larger corys may in fact be females and the smaller ones the males. I found this out recently whilst watching my tank. When you see the corys rolling about the tank together, followed by...
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    Tetratec EX 1200 filter

    I think the tetratec 1200 is a great filter, easy to use and more output than others with the supposededly the same outputs. I am now running one of these with the hydor300 on alongside an eheim 1200 professional in a rio300, and the tetratec is far superior in my opinion hope this helps, john
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    How long will 5kg FE last....

    I recently bought a 5kg F E off ebay. £30 + £10 post. I still have the old co2 bottle which i used to get refilled at £15 a go and its only a1.5kg bottle so to me this seems the easier way to go. I have also enquired and i can also get the F E refilled cheaper too. The 5kg bottle is fairly...
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    Who doses what?

    TPN+ at the moment, but once its gone im giong to try the EI method.
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    I thought it was my computer :roll:
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    Filtration Ideas

    Funnily enough, ive just purchased a media set for my 2080 In the box there is:- 2 bags of ehfimech 4 bags of substrat pro 1 blue sponge filter 1 white floss pad I have worked it out and i reckon that each bag of media is equivilet to 1 litre. The bottom basket is filled with the ehfimech and...
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    Filtration Ideas

    Hi Vase, my current set up is a 300L Juwel run by a 2080. I thought that it would be ample to use on this size of tank, but no. After bieng used for 12 months, all i can grow is cynobacteria, BGA Algae due to the filter bieng too small. Despite rigorous cleaning and removal it keeps coming back...
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    JamesC's 200 litre Akadama journal

    any updates James?? Nothing major to report i hope?
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    ASL Compact T5 Fluorescent Tubes

    I ordered 4 55w pc off lamspecs on sunday, shipping was 3.47 total royal mail Insured. They emailled me to say that the lamps woud be here tuesday (Tommorrow). Lets wait and see.......
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    UKaps Aquascaping Tools

    Put my name down for a set as well. Just out of interest how much would P+P be? (or did i mis-read the post?) Any updates aboutt the t shirts. Black would be good for me (large :roll: ) Cheers
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    JamesC's 200 litre Akadama journal

    Spot on James. Nice and easy step by step instructions complete with pictures to help me out. Tremendous. Im a bit of a thicko regarding the chemisrty things. I Will try to understand but at the mo its going in one ear and straight out of the other :oops: I hope you dont mind me sticking to...