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Recent content by bluemoon280

  1. bluemoon280

    New Tropica Bucephalandra - Pre Order

    Wow, 23 cm wide... now that's a wide leaf..,..... Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  2. bluemoon280

    New Bucephalandra & Free Postage

    Hi. Am still interested in the buce........ Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  3. bluemoon280

    New Bucephalandra & Free Postage

    Sent u a pm for the aphrodite. Cheers Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  4. bluemoon280

    Low energy silent return pump.

    Very impressed with the jebao. Quiet powerful low watts, what more can u ask???
  5. bluemoon280

    Interesting Wood

    That's pretty nice wood..
  6. bluemoon280

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Hi, got if on full. I used to hear the hum of the aquamedic in my bedroom. I can't hear this one. I really like the idea of LEDs. So some pics of how you set them up, wiring etc would really be useful. My lfs has a shoal of Altums (ferrybridge aquatics). Look awesome. Post some pics of your...
  7. bluemoon280

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Hi, how's it going. Need an update on your tank. I got the 9000. All set up and running. Sounds like a PC fan running. Lot higher pitch than other pumps. Much quieter to say it's over two times more powerful. The control is pretty nifty too. Hope u got yours up n running
  8. bluemoon280

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Hi, thx for reply. I just put my order in for one. What fittings does it come with? I have 1" return hard pipe at the moment. Do I need to get any connectors? Looking good by the way .
  9. bluemoon280

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Hi, have you had your pump running yet? I have just bought a compact 5000 to upgrade from an aquamedic 3500 but the eheim is quite a bit noisier. Was wondering how the jecod sounded. Thx
  10. bluemoon280

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Hi, really liking your build. Can you post some pics of your light build. I have a similar size tank with a sump etc and like the idea of moving to LEDs.
  11. bluemoon280

    home made fish food

    Quick question, are you keeping this frozen or just in the fridge? Not sure how long it would keep defrosted? Regards
  12. bluemoon280

    Help with JBL osmose 120

    Try ro-man, They do spares and compatible spares. Regards
  13. bluemoon280

    Look what arrived :D

    Oooooh Nice wood p**n!
  14. bluemoon280

    Filters - What is actually correct?

    Just my pennies worth. My understanding of the 10x turnover guide. Is that this is on fact circulation within the tank, rather than throughput of filters. This comes from marine tanks, where 20 -30 turnover rates are common. This is for water movement rather than filtration. After setting up...
  15. bluemoon280

    Twinstar..what is it?

    So, I have just found out how the twinstar works. It has a special doohickey that fits inside a thingamybob. This then has a doodaa that presses on a whatchamacallit. Overall it generates two hoohaa's a minute. The effect on subsonic algae is quite ositronic. Its available in three sizes...