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    Bobtastic's Iwagumi Scape - 12 Rummy Nosed Tetras Added

    I regret to inform any readers of my journal that this scape has effectively come to an end... As of this weekend my girlfriend and I have parted ways and as I was living with her and effectively have no wear to go, I am unable to take this tank with me. Hopefully this will not be the end of my...
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    Rolling in the deep

    Wow! that's quite the update! Plantless to fulling grown in! Looks really nice, congrats!
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    Tom's 60P - Goodbye plants, hello Goldfish

    Re: Tom's 60P build - the DIY stage Looking really nice tom! Can't wait to see the finished article. Will you weight test it b4 use?
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    UP inline diffuser

    Be aware that you need to have a regulator that has the correct working pressure for the UP Atomisers, they usually need 2bar.
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    My emersed setup - Tesco Jar 19/9

    Re: My emersed setup - new pics It looks great Tom! Thanks for the photos, I'm defo gonna have to get a pot of HC when funds allow! :thumbup:
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    My emersed setup - Tesco Jar 19/9

    Re: My emersed setup Feel free to wing any unwanted clippings my way!;)
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    My emersed setup - Tesco Jar 19/9

    Re: My emersed setup Can we get a full frontal shot Tom? Really need to get my hands on some more HC, for my attempt at one of these...
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    120 x 55 x 55 Over and out.

    Re: 120 x 55 x 55 Some new fish. extra pics added. Beautiful fish there Mark! I would imagine in a tank of this size the shark will have plenty of space to stake it's claim, and with it as a threat should keep the shoal nice and tight. ;)
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    Practical Fishkeeping wants your plant pictures

    Damn... no point in sending any others! ;) A fine example, if I do say so myself! :thumbup:
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    Plant problems

    When dosing EI it is usual to change 50% of your water on a water change day. I'm not sure how the all-in-one type of ferts work tho... So it may not need to be as much. That being said I have always changed at least 50% when I have done any of my water changes.
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    Portinho da Arrábida - uma vista de Troia

    Lol, yus I remembered that there was a thread about it a while back. Best not to clutter your Journal with talk of LED. I like the institute shot, it's always nice to see ppls tanks in their proper context. :thumbup:
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    Portinho da Arrábida - uma vista de Troia

    Do you have a fan in the luminaire too? or do you just have some form of heat sink? or both? Also do you have the LEDs open or do you have something that screens/protects from moister/splashing?
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    AGA 2011 3rd Place 60-120L!! 60cm iwagumi scape

    Re: 60cm iwagumi scape Congrats on the job. You'll defo have to show us picture of the shop and and scapes you do!
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    Aqua Journal Digital in english

    Piracy is a long standing English tradition... I think it's the second oldest profession. ;)
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    Spray Bar or Normal Outlet

    Yep, that's the way I understand it too. Also bearing in mind that any "inline" applicants will affect the overall flow of your filters too. Is everyone that's commented working with the 10x flow guideline?