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Recent content by Brenmuk

  1. Brenmuk

    Problem with El Natural

    Non limiting levels of nutrients and CO2 favours plant growth over algae growth and this is the basis of the Tom Barr EI method and also why Diana Walstads el natural method works whereby nutrient rich garden soil is placed under the substrate. The levels of nutrients and CO2 is generally lower...
  2. Brenmuk

    Problem with El Natural

    I wasn't aware that hair algae is related to unstable CO2 levels? James Planted tank guide says that it is related to low CO2 levels. I personally find hair algae unsightly to look at and prefer to avoid it. If the OP looks in the algae section of the forum they will find the advice given to...
  3. Brenmuk

    Problem with El Natural

    Hair algae is caused predominantly by a a lack of CO2 see http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk/algae.htm To stay low tech there are number of things you can do to manage the CO2 levels in your tank: Low tech: increasing CO2 supply -more fish& inverts /bio load - produces more CO2 -more feeding -...
  4. Brenmuk

    Interview with Diana Walstad

    She doesn't seem big on aquascaping which is a shame. I see aquascaping and the method of growing plants a separate aspects of the hobby. Also the picture at the top of the acuariorosa webpage I think is someone else called Pam Chin See half way down this webpage - she just happens to be...
  5. Brenmuk

    Conversion of a high-tech to low-tec. Advice needed!

    Hi Jporter If I were going from Hi tech (high light/high CO2) to low tech I would thin out and prune the plants during the transition. This should avoid a lot of the potential melting issues that you may face. I would also lower the light levels to those more suited to low tech...
  6. Brenmuk

    Ecological Stoichiometry & Algae.

    Hi Tom - When you dose Copper sulphate do you have to consider the ecological impact that will have on invertebrates? We spend alot of the thinking about algae & nutrients but what about the relationship between algae & ammonia/O2 levels in the water column and substrate? Also as Darrel...
  7. Brenmuk

    1 Gallon Cherry Bowl

    Hi Kris have you seen this article? Diana uses a 1 gal bowl with a soil based substrate for her cherry shrimps: NPT Shrimp tank and DSM article by Diana Walstad
  8. Brenmuk

    Aquarium Tracker

    It seems a bit overkill for the average hobby aquarist. Is this aimed at labs or public aquariums? Surely the easy bit is analysing the data the hard part is collecting it?
  9. Brenmuk

    low tech 12 gal

    I don't see any problems with the water lettuce in your set up. :) The snails sound intriguing with the red marks. I have no idea what they are perhaps you could post a picture of them in the invert section of the forum.
  10. Brenmuk

    low tech 12 gal

    See this thread ..theres some info about the best time to stock new el natural tanks http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=19400&start=10
  11. Brenmuk

    Wipe Out

    First off I'm gutted for you hotweldfire over your shrimp loss. I'm still not clear about the best way to treat new plants for a shrimp tank though. If you suspect Cu or other heavy metal contamination then use some kind of chelator such as NaEDTA as suggested by Darrel. But what is the best...
  12. Brenmuk

    Question about soil, ammonia and water quality

    When I first went over to using a soil under layer I had a mature filter, reused plants and gravel and was able to start stocking immediately. When I set up my shrimp tank from scratch with new filter/sand and plants it took about 2 weeks before I could introduce shrimp. I used john Innes no 1...
  13. Brenmuk

    The Soil Substrate or Dirted Planted Tank - A How to Guide

    Re: Introduction to Underwater Gardening with Soil Substrate I think it is a misconception that Walstad type tanks have to be low energy tanks. Diana Walstad says in her book that she puts her tanks next to south facing windows and I seem to remember either reading in her book or in one of her...
  14. Brenmuk

    [RESULT] IPPA Expo Aquascaping Contest 2011 (Indonesia)

    Good post. The graveyard scape (36/96) is interesting :)
  15. Brenmuk

    Advice for Tank Set-up

    9W seems about right for your size tank. I have a 35 litre 40cm by 28cm arc tank with 11W Arc Pod light for my low tech shrimp set up. You can use Aquasoil - should be fine in a low tech tank (i've never used it myself). If you want to try dirt/soil substrate then you could follow the Walstead...