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Recent content by chump54

  1. chump54

    Rocky meadow

    Very nice :) Chris
  2. chump54

    Best co2 diffuser for 54ltr tank, fluval external filter

    I use one of these on my 60l... very small bubbles. I use it on my full pressurised system not the fluval 88 system it's intended for. http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/fluval- ... -6010.html pros. very small bubbles solid (not easily broken) small size cons. it's black
  3. chump54

    Hydor external - should a light come on when it is heating?

    Re: Hydor external - should a light come on when it is heati nry, check the fuse before you do anything drastic... although it sounds like the thermostat sounds like its gone if your not getting any sort of click. Chris
  4. chump54

    Going from timed to 24/7 co2

    you should keep an eye on it to make sure its turning off... Chris
  5. chump54

    Going from timed to 24/7 co2

    hey, try a little monkey magic and give it a sharp tap with something hard... mine gets stuck occasionally and giving it a light whack gets it going again. sorry I can't help with the bubble rates... Chris
  6. chump54

    Hard Water Line

    i use vinegar... does the trick. and smells like fish n chips ;)
  7. chump54

    My iPhone/iPad app

    Thanks Sentral, hadn't really thought about the idea of super seeds, will consider it for future versions/harder levels. The rewards are something i'm working on, it uses GameCenter for leader boards and achievements but I'd like to integrate them better, to make them easier to access/work...
  8. chump54

    My iPhone/iPad app

    NO.... it shouldn't have done that... I'm so sorry. Can you check... it should show up on your receipt but it should be marked as "free" did you use the code or did you click the "buy" button? Chris
  9. chump54

    My iPhone/iPad app

    actually the link should work for your device too -> https://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects ... andingPage
  10. chump54

    My iPhone/iPad app

    ah, yes sorry, it's not very obvious is it... if your on your computer click -> https://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects ... andingPage (there is a link on the front page of the iTunes store to "redeem") if you're on your device go to the app store and at the bottom of the featured section is a...
  11. chump54

    My iPhone/iPad app

    Hello everyone, I haven't been obsessing over my tank as much I usually do as I've been working on an iOS app... It's a game called Diggy for 3 to 5 year olds... It involves a digger, seeds and trees... You can check it out here http://untested.com/diggy. If you want you can use one of these...
  12. chump54

    Essex & Suffolk Water

    i'm in suffolk and dechlorinate my water... it smells very strongly of chlorine, and tastes like a swimming pool :) Chris
  13. chump54

    Portinho da Arrábida - uma vista de Troia

    a great choice of fish, never kept them but they are on my list :) Chris
  14. chump54

    A very English Spring...The end (tank sold)

    Re: A very English Spring nice job on the wood... look forward yo seeing it fill in. it's got great potential :thumbup:
  15. chump54

    Liquid Carbon

    There are loads and loads of people using it, it is very effective. just one I think of when I think of just easycarbo is this fantastic tank ( honestly there are absolutely loads, it very widely used) http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f= ... 16&start=0 and a nice article by George...