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    Stu's ADA Mini M nano - Seiryu scape

    Looking good, Stu. Regards, Dave
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    Canon 5D Mark III

    It seems that the D800 lab results are pretty astounding. ... erformance At the end of the day, none of these factors matter a great deal to the final image, but higher quality kit is a pleasure to work with.
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    UKAPS soppy ramblings....

    Thanks, Iain. To be honest, the others do b****r all around here, so I shall take all the praise for myself. :angel: Regards, shameless Dave.
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    D700 or D800 ??

    With the D700, using the MBD80 battery grip and NiCads I can get around 11 fps. I suspect the D800 would be similar. I have no idea why Nikon sell themselves short on fps figures. By the way, I have no interest in HD video, so I can`t really help you much. Maybe you should stick with the D700...
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    Got snow?

    I live half way up a hill in N Wales and had squat so far. I like the third pic, George.
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    Uk, British rock with aquascapes

    Here is a scape I did a few years back, but never managed to finish. The rocks are from a quarry in N Wales. Regards, Dave.
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    Help With Camera Settings

    Quetzalcoatl, I have sent you a PM. Regards, Dave.
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    Advice on Keeping Crabs

    I am currently trying to talk her in to the micro crabs. Cheers for the help one and all.
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    Advice on Keeping Crabs

    Thanks Clonitza. I have facebooked the link to her. Regards, Dave.
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    Advice on Keeping Crabs

    Hi everyone, I am just after a bit of advice for my daughter on keeping crabs. Basically, I don`t know a great deal about them personally. She wants to keep them in a small tank of around 20l - 30l, so my guess is that they would probably need to be small, and preferably more freshwater...
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    New toy - EOS550D, now with photos.

    Is it not better to get the exposure right first time, without having to post process? I occassionally overexpose/underexpose for effect, but there is no substitute for getting it "right" with a camera in your hand, as opposed to a mouse. With modern camera sensors, this should be a relative...
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    Whats everyone's new year resolution???

    My first new scape in two years would be nice. Secondly, and it is more of a personal goal than a resolution, is to hand in my notice at work and become self employed buying/selling/renting property abroad. Regards, Dave.
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    Canon vs Nikon : Double Exposure

    Brilliant stuff, GhOst.
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    My Movember

    I`m looking forward to the missus taking part in Fannuary.
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    Sagittaria flower

    I love the flow and textures of the grassy look, George. Regards, Dave.