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    what do you think /tank setup

    cheers again ceg, im in no rush to fill the tank with critters but thought that a few octo and shrimp would help with the cleanliness and algea but understand where you are coming from so think i will just see how it goes, does anyone have any suggestions as to a good reliable co2 inline reactor .
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    what do you think /tank setup

    cheers ceg for the overview its much apreciated im not expecting this to go totally rightfrom word go (lol i wish) but with the help of the gurus on here i hope to limit the strain . i was going to leave just one set of lights on for a few weeks but when i turn on the second set should i...
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    what do you think /tank setup

    cheers for the comments guys ,ceg i have already switched the filter back to full flow as like you said think i had my thoughts crossed with regards slower flow. i have the choice of either a 5kg bottle or a 2kg bottle but was going to use the 2kg most the time as fits in cabinet and use 5kg...
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    what do you think /tank setup

    hi there , i was wondering if after a while away (ex wife lol )some of you would take a look over my new adventure and see what you think of the set up and proposed regime.was hoping that the lighting/co2/fert regime would allow the growth of a glostostima carpet ? tank details osaka...
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    Cloudy Water

    let us know what happens as my turn over is pretty low and the light thing may have just been a rouse
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    Cloudy Water

    you dont mention whether the cloudiness is green or not my tank appeard cloudy at certain times of the day and finnally tracked it down to the lamp type reflecting through the water when i changed to a different type problem was solved.(cloudiness appeared grey tinged)
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    Dropchecker maintenance

    every time you do a water change i believe to make sure it stays accurate ,also the use of 4dkh water instead of aquarium water is recommended if you are not already doing so.
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    long live cegipedia
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    Lighting Advice pse

    on the filtration side mate i have a 500l tank and it was suggested that i should have 2 fluval fx5 units on it eg a turn over of approx 4600lph . so if this is true god knows what yours should be.
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    Co2 Atomizer Query

    is it possible it was a safety cover to stop the ceramic from breaking in transit,but already removed prior to you getting it. I know a few years back i had a ceramic delivered taped to a rubber disk(seemed logical that all).
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    New Tank - Harware Final Review

    i have said it before and will say it again ceg you the man . p.s. where do you store this stuff because you real it off faster than college proff. ha ha ha
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    idiots guide for me please

    when you order mate get a couple of the containers from them and mark on them what they are, and when and how much to dose .made my life so much easier when i started ei last month ,
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    lowering ph

    cheers guys ceg your the man, have ordered the 4kh solution and upped the co2 in anticipation of a light upgrade . should i just turn them on or increase gradual over a week or two ? Also tried reading the thread ei dosing and not sure if im meant to be increasing the fert dosage at all or...
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    lowering ph

    cheers ceg was just checking as regard the water changes as i am now doing the same as you and using a garden hose on a slow fill,so cheers for the clarification the lighting issue is that as i am now dosing as per your advice and the algae has died right back i was thinking of changing the t8...
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    Pump for water changes ?

    I have one that i used to use to empty a gully at work that access was bad to but found that they did not last to long when used flat out on a electric drill and a battery drill (being that much slower) had to be recharged alot . but saying that if you only doing a few hundred litres once a...