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  1. Dogtemple

    How to get pure black background ?

    There is a paint called the blackest black which is the darkest black paint on the market, a good few coats on the back of your tank will get it black and keep the light mainly on the foreground will make it appear darker.
  2. Dogtemple


    It largely depends on the depth, up to about 30cm you can get away with 4mm safely. I built a 50x50x31cm tank (documented on here somewhere) from 4mm glass and it’s all good. Tiny bit of bow to the glass but not much. It was previously 41cm tall and bowed about 5mm. Hence making it...
  3. Dogtemple

    Would you buy big ticket items from a not so known company in order to save money?

    EBay is pretty safe these days, I wouldn’t hesitate getting a tank from there, or secondhand for that matter.
  4. Dogtemple

    Adjustable cabinet feet for DIY stand

    I’ve used the articulated feet on mine and another cabinet with a heavy load and they’re great. Cheap and effective solution.
  5. Dogtemple

    Custom Nano Filter Design / Material Question

    What a great design and execution. Well done. We need more of this stuff!
  6. Dogtemple

    Figuring out how to build a cabinet. Please advise.

    On the other side of this, I built a stand and it cost less than £50 using a saw, set square, screws and a drill. You can easily buy lots of unnecessary stuff. In reality all you would really need to do it easily would be a mitre saw instead of a hand saw and some good straight timber.
  7. Dogtemple

    DIY Copper pipe light hanger?

    If seeking a low cost option I would use 20mm metal conduit and bend using a bender and the respective former. You can buy the tube in a long enough length to do in one go and it’s galvanised, so wouldn’t rust from the humidity of the tank. If you’re anywhere near Brighton you can...
  8. Dogtemple

    Figuring out how to build a cabinet. Please advise.

    As a stand alone frame it wouldn’t hold the weight and would wobble a lot but if the sides form part of the structure and are firmly fitted with loads of screws/nails, then it ought to be fine.
  9. Dogtemple

    Suggestions for very slim tank/glass box

    I made one of these to similar dimensions for a window sill years ago. It’s still sat in my bathroom with plants. Go for it. Really satisfying to make and gets lots of comments from visitors
  10. Dogtemple

    Any others? (Scaping specialists en route from Brighton to Norwich)

    Apparently there is a good aquatics store in the tunbridge area. Although I have never been myself. I would be keen to know of good aquatics places to visit in Sussex/Kent that cater for aquascaping etc
  11. Dogtemple

    Everything DIY build

    Found that with this set up being very top heavy (total approx 80kg without water and the marble weighing a lot) it had a slight side to side wobble. This is partly due to the small footprint and height but even so it would get worse when filled up. Just in case anyone else goes down the...
  12. Dogtemple

    Everything DIY build

    ha, no I've had enough of making stuff, should have just bought a tank last year and been done with it!
  13. Dogtemple

    Everything DIY build

    Got a few hours to myself today. So I’ve more or less completed the tank setup, the light fitting is the last thing to do. I guess I’m nearly at the normal starting point. I started to loose patience a little bit with the wiring and plumbing, I was going to make it all tidy and hidden but...
  14. Dogtemple

    Lowtech Nanos - The Mossy Spider & More

    this looks great, really inspiring stuff here. the growth is so good it's kinda putting me off high tech ideas!
  15. Dogtemple

    Co2 2kg bottle type

    most fire extinguishers have a key to hold them open. you can get chrome extinguishers in 2kg that look pretty nice actually