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    What/who are you listening too?

    Thee kooks Wombats Florence and the machine Fratellis MGMT
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    Silver Lining - Alex's 96l (Planted)

    Im going to do a big water change tomorrow, ill try to get a picture up, havent really been keeping the journal going recently. Ive got some rummy noses, 10 of them, ermm thats all i can think of at the minute, ill do a proper update tomorrow. :)
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    Silver Lining - Alex's 96l (Planted)

    Thanks everyone. I think i bought around 14kg of the stone, in 2-3kg chunks but I should have got some heavier, larger pieces as the smaller ones just didnt have enough impact in the tank. Anyone else any thoughts?
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    Silver Lining - Alex's 96l (Planted)

    I've got some new pictures of the tank as it is today - Everyting has been going ok, no serious catastrophes or anyhting. One of the outflow pipes and the glass diffuser managed to break while I was cleaning them, but luckily I had the tetra spare and the plastic diffuser which came with...
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    Hi, Thought i'd share some pictures I took in october in Scotland. We went for a week and the best thing was it was free as my auntie lives up there. Thanks for looking Alex
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    Comp_Nov09: Sweet Memories...

    Thanks :)
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    Comp_Nov09: Sweet Memories...

    8) Thanks for the great comments everyone. Thanks James - the sand is tropic white sand made by caribsea i think. Alex
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    90x45x45 "Llyn Peninsula"

    Re: 90x45x45 has arrived! Great stone and tank :)
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    zeolite and purigen

    I'm prety certain both the purigen and the zeolite go at the top of the filter after all other media, so youd have one in each filter - thats what ive done with mine anyway. I was told to have enough zeolite to fill a tray in my ex700 and that was around 500g of zeolite.
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    Comp_Nov09: Sweet Memories...

    Name: Alex Hinchcliffe Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 6x6.5x6.5cm Aquascape Name: Sweet Memories... Hardscape/Materials used: Grey Pebbles, Pea Gravel, Light comes from a desk lamp Plants: Fissidens Fontanus Fertilisation: Not Sure yet About the aquascape: Errrm not much to say...
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    36cm nano

    There the same fish :wink: Tank looks great Joe :clap:
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    Silver Lining - Alex's 96l (Planted)

    Thanks Chris :)
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    Silver Lining - Alex's 96l (Planted)

    Not a lot actually, I just happened to save for a long time :wink: Thanks Andy :) When the hydrocotyle has filled out a little i'll give it a good cut back :thumbup: Thanks Alex
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    Silver Lining - Alex's 96l (Planted)

    Thanks Garuf :) Heres some photos from tonight - there not great, i was in a bit of a rush :roll: As you can hopefully see from the images, the hydrocotyle is sending a few new shoots out and one has reached around 6 inches high! I thought verticalata stayed lower than that? Anyway I...
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    Some b+w images

    Thanks :)