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Recent content by fishfingers

  1. fishfingers

    Thank you UKAPS

    Think manuel has pritty much coverd it there had a fantastic time big thanks to all involved the venue was perfect the materials tanks seminars all top draw well done to all who participated in the harscape challenge such a high level and veriaty of styles must have been hard to judge and a...
  2. fishfingers

    Top 10 Qualifiers - UKAPS Aquascaping Experience Hardscape Challenge 2016

    Very excited about taking part in the live scape off congrats to the other 9 good luck and i will see you all next saturday
  3. fishfingers

    Who's coming to the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience 2016?

    I will be attending so much going on should be epic ! very excited guy's well done sorting this out
  4. fishfingers

    UKAPS Hardscape Challenge 2016 - How to Enter

    Hi i submitted my entry on Sunday how do i know if you received it o_O
  5. fishfingers

    Aquatics Live 2012 Competition

    had great fun last year have been mad busy this year with new house so aquascapes have been on the back burner a bit i will try to get something togther this weekend and enter the comp as i would love to get involved again
  6. fishfingers

    Nesting Gouramis - little b*****ds.

    Hi if you dont want them pulling all your plants up then why dont you try putting some floating plants in for them to get jiggy under
  7. fishfingers

    Drool!! One can but dream

    you must have a huge chimney :D
  8. fishfingers

    [CONTEST] UKAPS @ Aquatics Live, Olympia

    Wow what a weekend a BIG thanks to all involved in setting this up and makeing it happen i can only imagine the work that whent into it I had loads of fun setting up the tank i felt way out of my depth at first on show and talking to the public but soon settled and just had fun meeting all the...
  9. fishfingers

    [CONTEST] UKAPS @ Aquatics Live, Olympia

    Glad you will be there george i am looking forward to meeting you, has anyone decided what hotel they will be stoping in yet as it would be good if there was a ukaps base camp so to speek. regards ste
  10. fishfingers

    LP's - Shrimp Tank, Shrimps added Page 4

    Hi lp hope they have settled in ok it shouldnt be long now before you have little baby ones they are so cute when they are tiny hope to see you again some time regards ste :thumbup:
  11. fishfingers

    fandango's tank

    nice scape fandango you can tell its a mature scape love it
  12. fishfingers

    Dead Rummy Nose Tetra

    Hi bud rummy nose teta are a delicate fish one of the things they dont like is cold water changes im not saying that is what has caused your fish to die, you say the fish was swelled up with eyes bulgeing this sounds like a bacterial infection keep your eye on the remaining five for any signs...
  13. fishfingers

    Let's talk aquascaping "the future"

    I belive that amano`s origanal style has been superseded by the winners of his own compition, and the epic scaled down version`s of real life clif face`s and forists are in themselve`s a new style altogther than the origanal idea they are all still called nature aquarium because they are in his...
  14. fishfingers

    hidden tiger iaplc 2011

    I have a large set of step ladders a long set of tweezers very long arms and damp nipples lol :D
  15. fishfingers

    persistant BGA

    The only way i have found to get rid of bga is to do a black out and i mean black no ligt at all must get in i black out for a full 2 weeks when i do one this seems to work your plants will just about survive but the bga will not. do you get any direct sunlight on the tank this could be a...