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Recent content by flygja

  1. flygja

    120cm - Some hills and some plants

    Thanks for all the likes everyone!
  2. flygja

    120cm - Some hills and some plants

    Been a while. But here's what it looks like now. Overgrown.
  3. flygja

    Advice on Eheim Professionel 4+

    I had a nightmare with 2 second hand pro 3 2080 leaking from the heads. I did take the heads apart and found that the priming rubber seal had shrunk so would no longer maintain a seal. Also Eheim used normal steel screws instead of aluminium or stainless steel ones inside so they rusted away. No...
  4. flygja

    Dream tank..

    My dream tank would have a billion watts of lighting and no algae. Is that too much to ask for???
  5. flygja

    120cm - Some hills and some plants

    True. I'm hoping the plants will cover it and so make it less noticeable. Also need to clean up the piping a little, I was too tired after setting up previously.
  6. flygja

    120cm - Some hills and some plants

    I don't like it either, but I prefer not to add another piece of electrical equipment to my tank. The chiller and filters are already adding a lot of consumption to my monthly bill! I also have a glass one, but the Fluval 405 is too powerful for it and its constantly drawing air into the filter.
  7. flygja

    120cm - Some hills and some plants

    No, only the Fluval FX-6 has an inline atomiser. The Fluval 405 runs through a chiller. Yeah I forgot to include the Anubias coffeefolia and Anubias barteri var nana in my plants list. I just jammed them in wherever I had space :D Latest shot - day 7. Added some Blyxa japonica I had in another...
  8. flygja

    120cm - Some hills and some plants

    Took 3 hours of planting. Some of the stones have sunk a little as the water made the aquasoil lighter. Water has cleared up but I haven't cleaned the glass yet. Currently running 4x 54W T5HO for 7 hours. CO2 is high - an uncountable bps - but I haven't measured the pH drop yet. Filtration is...
  9. flygja

    120cm - Some hills and some plants

    Hi all, been away for a while as usual, but still scaping. Here's my latest attempt: Hardscape is made out of Okho or dragon stones. These are all the stones I have. The greyish ones I bought many years ago, the brownish ones a few years ago. The colours and textures don't match completely...
  10. flygja

    George visits Dennerle

    I think this makes it pretty close to the top of my list of "Places I'd like to live next to"
  11. flygja

    Are discus really that hard to keep? Now with photos :)

    Nice discus you have there. Good that you're upgrading to 125 gal. 75 gal is sufficient for them at this stage, but once they start pairing and laying eggs, more space is needed since the mating pair will defend their space.
  12. flygja

    Are discus really that hard to keep? Now with photos :)

    In my personal experience... :D Discus are definitely more finnicky than other common types of aquarium fish. Seeing that you have wild-caught scalare, I don't think you'll have a big problem with discus. The first thing you need to decide is how far you want to go with your discus. If you...
  13. flygja

    'The Full Monty' Has Left The Building last photos

    Glad to see that you're still madly in love with discus. I have given up to be honest!
  14. flygja

    A huge thanks to UKAPS :)

    I hope whoever gave it to him made him sign a contract which requires a daily update with a minimum of 3 pictures and the tank must not be empty. Or something. What a nice gift!
  15. flygja

    120 Ohko Fire

    Very bold! I'm too clumsy to balance rocks like that, and worse when it comes to maintenance as I'd probably send it all crumbling and crashing and scratching the glass!