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Recent content by GHNelson

  1. GHNelson

    Co2 diffuser size

    Hi You don't put water inside the diffuser! That diffuser was probably on a timer and had been switched off..... and water has seeped into the chamber! Best if you soak the new diffuser in water for a few hours this will help to let the Co2 out!
  2. GHNelson

    What HOB filter for 30 gallon aquarium?

    75....Will be far better for a 60 litre!!! 75 is pretty powerful.....I have one installed on a 35 Litre Denerelle Scapers Tank.! I increase the flow to the max...every now and again, just to remove some crud on leaves and detritus....but it is like an old fashion upright washing machine...
  3. GHNelson

    Nowhere to buy trace elements!!

    Cheers Darrel🍻 https://shopfront.solufeed.co.uk/solufeed-214-high-k-1-kg-27-p.asp Might get some....I'm always dosing extra potassium!
  4. GHNelson

    Hi, I'm Ruby and I'm a fish/plant nerd!

    You have come to the right place Ruby!!! Welcome to the UKaps!
  5. GHNelson

    What HOB filter for 30 gallon aquarium?

    I have two....75/55 models....easy to clean, good flow, a skimmer....you can even put a small 50-watt heater in the filter basket!!!.....:happy:👍
  6. GHNelson

    Hello from Holland

    Welcome to the 🌿UKaps!!!
  7. GHNelson

    What HOB filter for 30 gallon aquarium?

    Look at the Seachem Tidal Filters....these are flow adjustable and also have a built-in skimmer!!! Or Eheim Hob Filters....;)
  8. GHNelson

    CO2 generator kits - any good?

    Used one in this journal....you can always keep it as a backup if you run out of Fire extinguisher/cylinder Co2! https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/dennerle-scapers-tank-35-litre-the-red-ring.62166/#smileyfood1 hoggie
  9. GHNelson

    Capping soild Substrate with sand?

    Yes, it will make its way eventually to the base!
  10. GHNelson

    Is that lobelia plant ?

    It might be?...but it doesn't look like a plant I recognise!
  11. GHNelson

    Is that lobelia plant ?

    Doesn't look aquatic-friendly!
  12. GHNelson

    James Planted Tank Dosing Methods & Calculator!

  13. GHNelson

    Hi from Norwich!

    Welcome to the 🌿 UKaps!
  14. GHNelson

    Hi from Gloucestershire

    Welcome to the 🌿 UKaps!
  15. GHNelson

    Hello from Aberdeen

    Welcome to the🌿 UKaps!