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    Scaping tools experience

    iv used TGM 30cm pincets and 30cm scissors straight. the pincets are awsome and delicate, iv planted HC, UG and others ems with ease using them. the scissors are also good but i found them fairly weighty when using them for long periods of time and hurt my wrist :crazy: but they do another type...
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    How Many Pots?

    2 should be ok, its just the carpet wont be as dense to begin with than if 3 pots were planted but wait a few weeks and it will spread... :)
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    How Many Pots?

    i would say 3 pots for a nice spread of plantlets. you could get away with 2 but it would be less dense and take longer to bulk up. but yeah 3-4 pots, presuming 1-2-grow are the same size as other pots :roll:
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    RAF Donna Nook Grey seals

    great photos, John...caption contest for pic .4??? :wink:
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    Planting Hairgrass

    what i done with the runners is cut them of at the base then carefully (maby in a shallow dish of water) 'roll' them back up in to a plantlet again and re-plant. :D
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    UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

    well done to all UK entrants and beautifull tank dan and george. check out 643, whats going on with that? where are the official results as some are missing in that link???
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    Exam results

    there is alsorts now, things like citizenship, the option to do 3 gcse's in science (core, adittional and tripple) some schools make RE mandatory also. at my school you can also do things like NVQ's and a media diploma. i done a hospitality and catering qualification at a near by college one day...
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    What forums are you on?

    just UKAPS for me thank you...
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    Exam results

    ISA's are the easiest thing...the teachers basically tell you the answers, or atleast mine hinted at them :shh: lol and in september i shall be doing A-levels in biology, geography, psychology and something else i havent chose yet... :roll:
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    Exam results

    im happy with mine but i dont get how they get worked out. i got A* in chemistry, biology and physics and my ISA but the overall adittional science grade only came to a A??? :roll:
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    Exam results

    im collecting my GCSE results tomorow, not nervous at all. i always tell people who are nervous before exams or exam results, -now isnt the time to be nervous, its to late to be nervous, you should be nervous in the classroom months before your exam when you can actualy do something about the...
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    Ideas for empty tank (80lt)

    nice size for a grow tank, its pricy planting a 300l so you could use the 80l to grow some plants in the mean time to save some £££ :?:
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    My litlle 250L garden.

    yeah nice tank, can you give us a plant list?
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    Long-Term Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank (new video on page 6)

    Re: Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank wow nice tank and good journal, the plants do look alot more healthy since 2008. and your photography has improved to, nice photos of the anubias!
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    complete newbie wanting advice

    reading these wont hurt.