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Recent content by Goodygumdrops

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    Plant ID please

    Not been aroud for a while,how weird!!Maybe you should classify and name it!!
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    Plant ID please

    Any updates on this?
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    Planted Ripariums

    I really,really like this stuff,I've been lurking on various forums for months,looking at paludariums and ripariums thinking I couldn't do this. Your tanks are amazing,I was still thinking I couldn't do it,but that 80 litre you just posted puts ideas in my head!! Fabulous tanks.
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    Wabi-kusa projects

    Re: Wabi-kusa project That little plantlet growing out of the moss is like the thing Saintly has growing in his tank.
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    Just caught up on this,not long now!!I must say I thought ooer when I saw your 9 week pic!!Any recent ones?My little one is 5 months now,big bro is 4,big sis 20.I loved being pregnant and adore babies,but won't have any more now.So I need to secure fixes of baby loveliness of other peoples babes...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Hi Ed,don't kow what's happened,I'd say she spent a day or so fiercly protecting the cave and has gradually ventured further from it,still going back in regularly now.Mind they've only been in the tank a week or so,so nice to see they've settled and claimed space for themselves. Her ovipositor...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Think my fire reds have either spawned or attempted to today,the two who were previously like Punch and Judy.Little minxy was very flirty and enticed him into her lair and he was in there for about half an hour.I must say I was very worried as I can't see in and thought she might have killed him...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Yeh,I'll keep an eye on the pencils,I have options,my tanks aren't heavily stocked. Re the digging,tbh,one of the cichlid experts will give the definitive,I've only had mine a couple of months,I haven't seen them digging at all. My 60 has a playsand foreground and I regularly see my male filter...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Yep,lfs were a bit vague,so looked them up when I got home,def Beckfordii.Been watching them over the last couple of days,they don't school too good,they're kind of all over the place,mind it's a small tank though. Seem to have two males who have gone very dark red,black and brown who constantly...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Ed and Dw,thanks for your advice,I got 9 gold line pencil fish today.Very pretty,quite comical,not shy at all.The 'gold line' is pretty amazing,it really shimmers,and almost as soon as I added them some started colouring up red on their fins,just glanced at them across the room actually and the...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Must learn more restraint!!There's an lfs about an hour and a bit away from me that has a superb range of fish,both dwarf pencilfish and a few different rasboras,I'm a bit nervous of driving there though. My fire reds are now in their own tank and their behaviour has changed markedly...
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    Apistogramma tankmates??

    Would Galaxy Rasboras be ok with aggies anyone?Just been phoning round lfs's and that's the only thing I can come up with,well that and harlequins.
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    Tiger Lotus Nymphaea Lotus

    I just bought a Spatterdock and it was similar,more woody though,a cut section of a rhizome.They're SIMILAR plants,but NOT the same.
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    Tall with thick stem plant ID

    Is it Alternanthera?Someone will confirm (or ot lol!!).