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Recent content by Graeme Edwards

  1. Graeme Edwards

    maybe its just me..

    I know the feeling. Ive only been back one week and I have a 5000 word project to do of my choice and one that is a 3000 word essay on Tourism in the Countryside. Plus 5 more over the coming months. AND I have to pay for it, over £2K for this year alone. I must be mad. My 5000 word essay is...
  2. Graeme Edwards

    maybe its just me..

    Thanks. I am a very busy chap these days. Ive just started my 3rd year degree in Countryside Conservation and Recreation management. Its a very expensive course and demands most, if not all of my mental time. Plus I have a wedding im planning that coincides with the end of my study - as well as...
  3. Graeme Edwards

    maybe its just me..

    The Aponogeton got pruned at various stages. I think it looks better gone as it shows off the rolling landscape much better. One of my better scapes.
  4. Graeme Edwards

    'Worlds End'.Working the nano magic. 27/8/09

    Hi, Thanks for bring this back out of the archives. I had forgotten all about this little scape. Cheers.
  5. Graeme Edwards

    120 x 55 x 55 Journal finished.

    Re: 120 x 55 x 55 A new perspective Nice video Mark, that new sliding tripod thing was always going to get used to the hilt. You did say it would be used in every shot. Your not joking, lol. Looks nice though.
  6. Graeme Edwards

    Anubias melt !

    I maintain it is some kind of bacterial or fungal blight........ From were or why, who knows. Could be over breeding of the same plant, nursery techniques. Skilled terrestrial plant growers have problems with diseases and blights despite providing everything the plant requires, so its not far...
  7. Graeme Edwards

    Who has a motorbike?

    Jeez, its story's like that, that freak me out and so sad too. My misses likes being on the bike. Im not sure I could cope if I lost her while out on the bike, horrible thought. When it goes wrong it goes very wrong.... I thought of trading it in and saving for a camper van. That way I get...
  8. Graeme Edwards

    juwel rio 180 before i empty it

    The colours and contrasts are great, though they all just need to fill in to get that feeling of dense verdant tropics. Nice colours.
  9. Graeme Edwards

    Who has a motorbike?

    I never want to fall off, or be crashed into. Thats my greatest fear. I can do my best to ride safe and get home in one piece but you never know. I saw a 17 year old lad killed instantly on a 125 on a country road in the lakes. Shuck me up like nothing before. Ive though about selling mine...
  10. Graeme Edwards

    Who has a motorbike?

    Ive got an aprilia Pesgao 650 Xtrail. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us I dont get out on it enough.
  11. Graeme Edwards

    How old are your fish?

    I have some pygmy cory's and they must be at least 8 years old. They go back with me along way and I love them for that.
  12. Graeme Edwards

    George Farmer

    Hes famous for his builders bum or under crackers showing :D
  13. Graeme Edwards

    Takashi Amano lecture and workshop in Aarhus, Denmark

    Would of loved to of visited Arhus again. Hope you few guys who went enjoy it and represent UK the only way you guys know. Look forward to seeing some pictures.
  14. Graeme Edwards

    Yanks, We suck.........

    If we are talking art... then for me... Barbera Hepworth is the master of biotic style art. She confessed being inspired by the rolling hills of the moors where she grew up in the north of England. She is inspired by nature, even though her art is not natural, though it does have an organic...
  15. Graeme Edwards

    Yanks, We suck.........

    A quick apology - When posting the above first thing today, we had sone king if technical glitch. My post duplicated resulting in me removing the duplicate post. The forum tech part shows I deleted 2 posts of mine. However, it also removed supercolies post and colditza too, along with a strange...