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Recent content by gratts

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    Minimum Shrimp Breeding Population

    2 - 1 male, 1 female! :P 20 will be fine :thumbup: Sourcing them from a few different places wouldn't do any harm - there's a chance they would have come from the same place/breeder, but there's a chance of it mixing up the gene pool a bit if not.
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    What's the demand for high street planted aquarium shops?

    Re: What's the demand for high street planted aquarium shops You'd have to be very clever to run a profitable aquatics shop without selling at least the most basic fish. Just rock, wood, plants? You'd be hardpushed! Most Maidenhead Aquatics (and probably most larger aquatics 'superstore' type...
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    nelson's nano 2.......rescaped.

    Re: nelson's nano 2 What's your plan for planting, Neil? :)
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    Transporting fish from LFS...

    Your fish will have travelled thousands and thousands of miles, often from South America or the far east. Providing the fish are suitably packed (which they should be, if coming from any semi-decent LFS) they'll be absolutely fine with no special care! All this extra attention to try and...
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    Got BBA in one of my tanks..had read that they were only effective at removing new growth of BBA, and that they would leave the old stuff alone! Think I'll give a little group of them a go though :thumbup:
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    Recommended ppm??

    What amount of lighting was that dosing regime under, Clive? Have you encountered any point at which overdosing EI has detrimental effects on plants/fish? And even running nutrient levels at very high levels will have no effect on encouraging algae growth, providing CO2, flow and light are...
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    Fluval Edge lighting

    P. Helferi, hair grass, an assortment of crypts and lilaeopsis all grew fine for me with the default lights.
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    dennerle 10 litre

    If you mean Limnopilos naiyanetri, then they will be fine to have with shrimp :thumbup: Nice little tank :)
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    Fluval Edge lighting

    What don't you like about the halogen lighting it comes with? I've grown all sorts of plants successfully with the original lights.
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    Shrimps with rams!

    Had XL Czech Rams a while back and they soon polished off cherry shrimp and BIG amanos. Maybe while the rams are small shrimp would be OK, but if your rams are kept healthy they will soon get to a size where no shrimp are safe.
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    What's this on the glass? Start of diatoms?

    Pest snails lay in a clear gelatinous 'blob', apple snails eggs are bright pink and nerites are much smaller and white, so you can rule snails out :thumbup: These are fish eggs! What fish are in the tank?
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    Some "alien" invaders - Do you know where to find some?

    They're literally everywhere! The first 2 species you mention have totally strangled the small brooks and streams near me. Even during the winter there is such a dense matt of these plants, I dread to think what their growth is like come summer, and can't see how much else can survive! :o
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    Is this broadband speed slow?

    We have Virgin at home and I often get 11-12meg download speed on their 20 meg connection, so no complaints from me :)
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    Amazon biotope Lnumber/Aphisto tank

    Gobies look like Stiphodon elegans or something similar. Nice tank, nice fish :)
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    Anubias melt !

    How were they planted in the tank? Even partially burying the rhizome, either leaving it in the rockwool in the pot, or pushing it into the gravel/substrate will eventually rot it, with a demise of the entire plant from there! They either need to be attached to rock - say slate, which can then...