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Recent content by hellohefalump

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    Angelfish with oto's??

    I've kept angels in my tank, which is about 10X turnover. At the moment I have discus in this tank, and they're thriving. They don't seem to mind the flow at all.
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    AUTO-CLEANING GOLDFISH TANK? Experiment in progress...

    Hi I love your goldfish tank. It's so nice to see someone doing it 'properly'. I keep cranium callimistratum in my discus tank... It is a heavy substrate feeder though so you might run into problems. Mine are over three foot tall now and they've started splitting into new plants at the...
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    "Lake Breeze" by ADist (IAPLC 2011 - #16)

    very nice, how did you do the 'lake'? I really like it but I think it would be better with some fishies/shrimp.
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    The trees of Helferi

    Well, I'm about to strip down the tank and start again! So I thought I'd post this. It's not the most well thought out scape, in fact it's not thought out at all, I just chucked everything in and waited for it to grow. I quite like it though. Spec: 12 litre optiwhite 11watt arc pod...
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    Soothing sounds for babies

    I used to put my babies in their bouncy chairs in front of the washing machine or the tumble dryer. Sent them right off to sleep that did.
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    my birthday present!

    Thanks George, I have joined Ultimate Reef and I've been having a look around. Much of the forum is way over my head... but I'm sure I'll get there. Got to start somewhere eh?
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    my birthday present!

    Just had a read Tom, thanks. It looks like I might be releasing them back into the sea (I live in Newhaven, near Brighton)... shame
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    my birthday present!

    ah they are Actinia equina!
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    my birthday present!

    Thanks guys, Tom I'm on to it! I've dug out a spare koralia and set it up in the tank, hopefully that'll be enough, if it's not I have another koralia that just needs one replacement part, so I'll look into getting the part. George, thanks for your advice, I will certainly take it on board...
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    my birthday present!

    It's my birthday on Friday and my lovely partner Pete just got me my present... A MARINE TANK!!!!! It's a 20 gal, and has everything in it - skimmer, filter, lights etc, plus live rock! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never had a marine tank before, anyone have any words of wisdom for...
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    issues with Pogostemon Helferi? curly leaves

    If you've got enough CO2, it could be poor circulation leading to them not getting enough CO2? Just a guess though, do what Ceg says not me.
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    Amusing video - Rules for forums

    like! :thumbup:
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    feeding discus

    thanks everyone! lots of new things to try out! I'm going to give the flake from Plymouth a go, but if they won't take it I'll look into the other frozen options.