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    Stone Garden

    Hello Toad, This is my second tank I am new in hobby almost in two years now. But still watching, reading, experimenting of course. This is a never ending story :) Erhm sorry, I am not so good in English language. :oops: I completely do not understand the phrase "API leaf zone". Could you...
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    Stone Garden

    Hi Tony, My ferts regime is as follows: Normally I dose 4,9 ppm NO3 and K and 0,7 PO4 per day. Fe from micro solution is 0,2 ppm per day. But while "treatment" I increased it to 7,36 ppm NO3 and K and 1,05 ppm PO4 per day. Fe from micro solution is 0,3 ppm per day. Regards, Steve
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    Stone Garden

    Hello, Welcome to all UKAPS members. :wave: Let me show you the life of my new little nano called Stone Garden. Tech spec: It is an ADA Cube Garden Mini "M" series tank (20 l), with ADA Solar Mini (27 W) lamp, filtered by an Eheim 2222 filled with 100% Substrat Pro. I use a Hydor in line...
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    EI dosing using this "local" trace mix/chelated iron

    Hi! I am not sure whether it is the right topic to write to, but let me ask something. Did anyone hear about EDDHSA chelate? Is it a "good" chelate compared to HEEDTA? Can I use it to dose my micro elements, or is it a wrong choice? Thanks in advance.
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    Sicce CO2 Life

    Hi, I have this stuff installed (the smaller one unit, called Sicce CO2 Life 1) on my 75l tank for about one month. The results were all negative: - no oxygen bubbles on plants at all - it was a big, massive ugly thing in my tank - drop checker with 4dKh water was never near to green color. It...