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    Co2 regulators reviews

    I think where regs are concerned it's better to just by a decent one from either co2 art or co2 supermarket then you don't need to worry about it.I had cheap ones in the past and gave me nothing but problems.
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    Injecting co2 into a fluidized bed

    I want to set up a big fluidized bed filter onto a planted tank.Will injecting co2 into it affect the biological bacteria . Cheers Mick
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    Nearly killed my discus

    Its a dual stage co2 supermarket ultimate reg.sorry for late reply.
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    Nearly killed my discus

    Full pub bottle.I didnt watch it for very long it was set over 40 bar i think.i will leave it of until this weekend and i will be able to watch it all day .I just dont understand why the co2 was coming out so quickly and emptied the water from the bubble counter.Im thinking i had the pressure to...
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    Nearly killed my discus

    I set up my brand new co2 system paid alot of money for the reg.I had it going nicely at a couple of bubbles a second to start with got home and the drop checker was yellow and the bubble counter was screaming i mean loads of bubbles a second why would this happen after i set it up nicely.The...
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    Ultimate co2 reg wont tighten

    Yes a white washer hard plastic.
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    Ultimate co2 reg wont tighten

    I have bought an ultimate co2 reg i attach it to a FE and it wont tighten.I mean the nut tightens but the reg spins and wont sit tight.Any ideas ? Mick
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    Older co2 art regs

    I maybe buying an old co2 art aqua beat setup does anybody have any info on it.The chap wants 100 quid for a full set up is it worth it
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    Dennerle with a FE

    Do dennerle co2 regs fit fire extinguishers Cheers
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    Solenoid recommendations

    Thank u thats a bit to much diy for me.
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    Solenoid recommendations

    I have just bought a jbl regulator now im after a solenoid recommend one please.I really dont want to pay 70 quid for a jbl version. Thanks Mick
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    Aquaillumination HD 26

    I have a redsea e 260 which im going to use as a planted tank,for now im only going to dose TMC liquid carbon.The lights i have are very powerful and i can set them up how i want.They are reef lights but the do have the red and green,purple and uv which i can use.Does anybody use this type of...
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    I have gone with John innes number 3 and will leave the tank for a couple of weeks and test for ammonia.
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    soft water plants

    Is there such a list of plants that do well in soft water.I was kind of hoping vallis would be ok but I think it needs hard water . Mick
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    Thank you.Is Tesco cat litter a viable option as that is easily available