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Recent content by Hoskins

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    Which substrate?... so indecisive...

    From my own experience I used ADA AS but like you I had an estabished tank full of fish. Therefore I bought a second hand tank for £15 to house the fish for two weeks while the ammonia level reduced to zero. I think it is worth the hassle as the long term results are the best I have had.
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    the effects of KH with ADA AS and nature soil

    I have rescaped with ADA Malaya AS six weeks ago. My reminaralised RO has a kh of 6 but the tank water is currently zero. I am not sure as to how long this will continue or the benefits but as a low kh requires very little in the way of additional CO2 I have had to turn the BPS of my CO2 down...
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    ADA aquasoil Malaya Q's

    I did not think there was any debate whether AS leaches NH3. TGM warned me on numerous occassions which was why I went to the lengths of setting up a temporary tank even though I had well matured filters etc. I must admit the levels were not as high as expected but I would not risk it.
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    JBL CO2/PH computer

    I appreciate that its not the ph that kills but the level of CO2 but although not directly linked there is a correlation between the two. The other point is that my ph does not drop below 6.33 with a kh of 2 so that my co2 levels could not get into the dangerous range.
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    JBL CO2/PH computer

    The PH drop will turn the gas off so I dont understand your point.
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    JBL CO2/PH computer

    I agree. As I have been saying all along I basically leave my bubble rate at the original level and therefore the integral solenoid rairly stops the flow but if I make any changes and I am going to be away for a few days I know that when I come back my fish will be safe. If I did not have the...
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    JBL CO2/PH computer

    I also use a timer as I would without the computer therefore the solenoid is closed 1 hour efore light out and opened 1 hour before lights on. As a cross check I also use a BC and remains lime green. Therefore the computer keeps the levels in the correct range without the worry that I could...
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    jbl ph controller

    Dispite what was said in the in the thread provided to you, I have subsequently found that it works very well for me and the results speak for them selves especially at TGM but everyone is entitled to their opinion. As to your problem if the calculated optimum PH is 6.97 by default it will not...
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    ADA aquasoil Malaya Q's

    I have just finished rescaping with 3 * 9L Malaya AS and 1 bag Power Sand Special. The filter was already matured from the original setup. I was of the opinion that NH3 would not be a problem but 1 week after filling the level was just inside being safe. The second week it reduced a bit more...
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    CO2 / Aquasoil

    Hi I have this weekend completed my rescape using Aqua Soil and Power Sand Special for the first time. After rescaping, replanting & refilling with remineralised filtered water. Before turning my CO2 back on, I reinstalled the drop checker. To my surprise the DC was lime green within an hour...
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    Second tank cycling

    I have done the later just some of the filter floss and I have already added some food as a source of ammonia. With what you have said I will move over a few fish today and keep an eye on it until tuesday where I will move over the rest. Thanks
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    Second tank cycling

    Hi I have a project to replace my substrate in my main tank with ADA aqua soil malaya and power sand special. As the aqua soil emits large amounts of ammonia in the first couple of weeks, I am setting up a spare 24*18*15 tank with a Fluval 2 plus internal filter, to accommadate my fish while...
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    Cost of Substrates: Flourite vs Eco-Complete vs Aquasoil

    I have just invested in 4 bags of AS Malaya and a bag of power sand special. It felt like a big kick in the wallet at the time but although I was originally considering Eco complete I was talked out of it on a long term / results basis. I feel even better knowing that the difference in the cost...
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    JBL CO2/PH computer

    Hi All The computer has now been installed for 2 and a half weeks. First observation / benefit is that prior to installing I was making daily tweeks to my needle valve to keep the CO2 injection in the 'sweet spot' without gasing the fish. Now I input the tank water dkh to the computer and it...
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    Re Scape

    Thanks for your input George. After considering the various options and after a trip to TGM today. I settled on a base of Power Sand Special and topped with Aqua Soil Malaya. I think that from what I see and hear I will regret the less hassle option and is worth spending the extra time doing a...