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Recent content by Jase

  1. J

    Who has a motorbike?

    My baby :angel: Won't be getting much use out of her any time soon as I dislocated my collarbone playing rugby on Saturday :evil:
  2. J

    UK Driftwood

    The problem with driftwood as an aquascaping medium is that it generally floats. I tried to use it in a scape and it went horrbly, horribly wrong.
  3. J

    London Riots

    Andy, please put that in letter form and post it to; David Cameron Prime Minister 10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA
  4. J

    How many Harlequins for a 275litre?

    I used to have 30 in my 125l...
  5. J

    Day Gecko Pics...

    I keep them, and they breed themselves :lol: I don't claim to do anything special to get them to breed, just keep them in pairs and away they go. I used to incubate the eggs until a few months ago but now i leave them where they're laid
  6. J

    What fish is this... ?

    :geek: :lol:
  7. J

    What fish is this... ?

    Apistogramma cacatuoides aka Cockatoo Cichlid.
  8. J

    Day Gecko Pics...

    Cheers Garuf, they're easy to be honest. Like anything, get the setup right and they look after themselves. Spotlight for basking, UV tube, vivarium with plenty of hiding places, feed them fruit baby food and crickets a few times a week, spray the enclosure every to every other day to increase...
  9. J


    Adult male Furcifer Pardalis Panther Chameleon
  10. J

    Day Gecko Pics...

    Some more... Adult female Phelsuma borbonica mater Juvenile Phelsuma pasteuri
  11. J

    Jase's 28l Long/Shallow - "Attrition"

    Cheers Andy. Yep, I'm so pleased I stuck with it. Will try and get an FTS later but for now, i'm off down the golf course :lol: I still have Cherries in this tank but they don't go near the UG. There is something about that corner that they, and all other plants I have put there, don't like...
  12. J


    Hi Minh, the tank looks like a good start, how about some hemianthus micranthemoides behind the driftwood, it's a nice delicate and vibrant stem :thumbup: What is it you have planted in the foreground?
  13. J

    Jase's 28l Long/Shallow - "Attrition"

    :lol: Possibly because I havent updated for 5 months. Thank you, I'm really pleased with how it's developed Thanks Chris, appreciate the positive feedback :thumbup:
  14. J

    Day Gecko Pics...

    Thanks Gill, they are even better in the 'scales'
  15. J

    Day Gecko Pics...

    Thought I'd share a few snaps of some day geckos from my collection 8) Phelsuma ornata adult male Phelsuma cepediana adult male