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    Has anyone ever heard of this? When I did a google search, brazil moss was something totally different.
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    Diary of a Rather Large Tank

    I'm sorry for the delay in updating,there's been a lot of 'life stuff' going on :roll: Anyway,we chickened out of the high tech,CO2 system in the end,at least for now,but the tank has been set up for a while now and seems fine.We currently have 3 x 150w halides but the tank still doesn't look...
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    Diary of a Rather Large Tank

    The sump arrived last night and tonight the plumbing should be finished and then it should be all systems go :D
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    Chocolate Gouramis - I have Fry and need Advice

    I know,if they didn't eat so well I'd be a bit concerned but they have great appetites and little fat tummies,so maybe they'll suddenly put on a growth spurt lol!
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    Chocolate Gouramis - I have Fry and need Advice

    Haven't updated in a while for a very good reason,there's not much to say! The babies are growing slowly but surely and are now supplementing their diet with baby daphnia as well as their favourite microworm and baby brine shrimps. They have inherited a few tank mates,red crystal shrimps,who...
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    Hurray new camera pics!

    Lovely photos,the frogs' little faces are seriously cute :)
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    Happy Birthday Arana!

    Happy Birthday,hope it's a good one :D
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    Welcome :) Tell us about yourself

    I'm Jayne,and if life begins at 40 then I'm 4 years old :lol: Married to Billy who owns a marine shop and builds fish tanks/filtration systems and we have a daughter Stef who is 17. I love this forum,everyone is very helpful without being judgemental,and I'm really glad to have somewhere to...
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    Next Stage - Plants?

    The current situation with the big tank is that we have the wood and substrate in place.Two of the eventual four 150w halides are here and the tank has cover glasses. The sump will be fitted in approx 2/3 weeks so there is no filtration/Co2,but we can put heaters/water circulation pumps inside...
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    Just happened to be walking through the dining room by the new tank when I saw that someone has already moved in(and I haven't even cycled it yet :lol: ) Grabbed the camera to show you all: Needless to say the tank is now covered,but at least I'm confident that the wood is secure :roll:
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    Happy Birthday Dave!

    Happy Birthday Dave :D
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    Diary of a Rather Large Tank

    The bracing bars are completely dry now so the wooden supports have been taken off.Billy has also siliconed some glass wedges to the floor of the tank to make extra sure the wood can't kick forwards into the glass. Next will be the substrate :)
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    Chocolate Gouramis - I have Fry and need Advice

    Just call me Captain Birds Eye :lol:
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    Chocolate Gouramis - I have Fry and need Advice

    Haven't updated for a few days,but the fry are still doing well.They are growing and have very healthy appetites :D There are approx. 20 or so Microworm Hunter Extraordinaire :lol:
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    How many weeds do I need?

    I have never heard of this before and I am very interested in trying it as I would like a nice carpet of low plants. Are there any particular types of carpet plants that work better with this method,I'm guessing HC but what about something like a pygmy sword or crypt? I've never tried to grow a...