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    ADA Cube Garden 90P Build

    Great looking tank! Keep an eye on the AR, once it really starts growing it can make the scale of your aquascape out of wack relative to the foreground planting.
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    my roma 200

    Great tank, I like the addition of the keyholes!
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    Roots and Grit

    Great tank and awesome hardscape.
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    Awesome tanks, looks like the lab of a mad scientist!
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    ADA 60p "Reach Out"

    nice! Like the red Rotala sp. accent.
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    Great pictures, thanks for sharing!
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    Tamed jungle, 120p Takashi Amano inspired tribute.

    Wow, great tank! You clearly have a talent for plant and hardscape layout and I like the wood slab table top you have as the stand.
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    Nelson's 120P

    Great looking tank! Any critters in there yet?
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    Crystal Mountain

    Wow! Great looking tank as are all the other ones in your signature block; you clearly have a nack for aqua scaping.
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    Songs from the Man Cave!

    Jimi Hendrix "Up From The Skies"