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Recent content by Joecoral

  1. Joecoral

    New Moderators - Ian Holdich and Ady34

  2. Joecoral

    Pleased to meet you

    Welcome! Are you actually an ichthyologist, Ichthyologist?
  3. Joecoral

    90cm nature scape

    beautiful aquarium!
  4. Joecoral

    Richard's 200L (Planted)

    How's this tank looking now Richard?
  5. Joecoral

    TMC Signature optiwhite rimless...

    shame they don't do any bigger ones
  6. Joecoral

    NA Island Journal

    Very nice, big fan of the NA stuff myself so will be keeping a close eye on this thread, hopefully going to order one for myself sometime in the new year :mrgreen: What filter you going with?
  7. Joecoral

    Lighting for 60x45x30 Optiwhite

    How about an All Pond Solutions unit? I have been looking at those, prices seem pretty reasonable
  8. Joecoral

    New member from South Wales

    Welcome Tim, whereabouts are you based in SW?
  9. Joecoral

    Members Backgrounds

    BSc Zoology :) And now I work in admin :(
  10. Joecoral

    90x45x45 with DIY stand, Day 1

    Any updates on this tank whinnie?
  11. Joecoral

    37x 17 x 18 custom built

    I like this very much, love the contrast between the rocks and the clean sand :clap:
  12. Joecoral

    New DIY Cabinets

    Looks fab, very professional! I've always been hesitant about using MDF for aquarium cabinets, I'm always afraid if it gets wet it might not be strong enough....
  13. Joecoral

    Richard's 200L (Planted)

    That looks stunning Richard, I'm really looking forward to see how this tank progresses! Your photography is top notch also :mrgreen:
  14. Joecoral

    my mossball has a face

    haha! :mrgreen: