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Recent content by John S

  1. John S

    Leaves curling

    Hi Matthew, It is best if you list the information on your set up advised in the link below. It will help people understand your issue a bit more👍 https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/please-read-the-guidelines-for-plant-help.60671/
  2. John S


    That's a poor response from Aqua One. I've had 3 of their tanks in the last 10 years but I won't be getting another. It's a shame I'm no longer in contact with the work mate who also had this problem as I could have got the pictures from him he had on his phone. It may have added a bit of...
  3. John S


    I'm not sure they pursued it with Aqua One. The tank was over two years old.
  4. John S


    Not what I wanted to hear. You are the second person I know who has suffered the same failure in the same area. I have one of these and was thinking of getting rid of it. I think now that decision has been made.
  5. John S


    What a nightmare. Which model of Aqua One tank was this?
  6. John S

    Just unlucky or is Eheim just what they used to be?

    My 2078 had 3 leaks over the years. All from the primer gasket. It was annoying as I didn't even use the primer lever after the first leak.
  7. John S

    Hydor in-line heater on filter inlet?

    I always ran mine on the inlet when I used it and CO2 on the outlet. No issues for me.
  8. John S

    Twinstar..what is it?

    I've had 2 and neither gor past 6 months. The failures were as you are seeing.
  9. John S

    Resolved! Images not displaying

    Hi. You have to select 'upload a file', it's next to the 'submit reply' button.
  10. John S


    That's very sad news. RIP Roy.
  11. John S

    Product Review Eheim 1200xlt leaking

    Could be leaking from the priming area. Take the head off and then take the cover off the head to check (4 screws on the underside).
  12. John S


    Mine lasted only a day Ady.
  13. John S


    I'm interested in the results Ady. I used the same method and initially performance was as good as new but it didn't long and completely died shortly after.
  14. John S

    MTS...Just how bad do you have it ?

    Not sure if he is married but quite sure he doesn't have a day job. He wouldn't have time.:)