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Recent content by Konsa

  1. Konsa

    Seeding new filter media . . .

    Hi A week in the mature filter should do it for the sponges.Also mature leaf litter and presoaked wood will have bacterial colonies already established. As for your slow growing plants you can possibly add some Floaters too to do the heavy lifting till system starts running on 100%. Of coarse...
  2. Konsa

    Mosses that do or don't attach to Hardscapes!

    Hi out of curiosity can you please share pic of this moss please Regards Konstantin
  3. Konsa

    My little gallery

    Welcome to the community. Great looking tanks 👌
  4. Konsa

    Pogostemon Erectus Tissue culture not growing.

    Hi I have grown it in ADA system CO2 tank with Easycarbo (x5 -x8) the recommended dose and it didn't care(Was actually strongest growing plant in the tank) If a plant dislikes the Easycarbo(or similar products)it is usually displayed with melt being rapid or in a week or two. +1 for being a...
  5. Konsa

    Suggestions for low light, low tech plants which aren't green?

    Hi Blyxa japonica ((In bright locations will show brown(red) hues Cryptocoryne albida brown (this one when in not very bright spot has nice green hues to it) Regards Konstantin
  6. Konsa

    6ft Shallow "ish" tank

    Hi I will personally try to increase plant mass first before going the CO2 route as I didn't see any CO2 demanding plans on your list in previous posts.The tank is relatively new and not very densely planted. Its early days yet and you haven't really given it a chance. Some floating plants...
  7. Konsa

    Need help with new upcoming project

    Hi +1 for Altum angels. Here is an old Pic from The Green Machine of their Cryptocoryne heavy Altum setup for inspiration Regards Konstantin
  8. Konsa

    Heated Propagator: An emersed growing experiment . . .

    Hi Sorry to bother you when you have your hands full with the house move and Im gutted you had aphid infestation too. My experience with Albida brown and Lutea hobbit is more or less same when I had them in propagator(Strong plants achieved but not much different from grown submerged with good...
  9. Konsa

    Heated Propagator: An emersed growing experiment . . .

    Hi @Wookii How is the setup getting on? Regards Konstantin
  10. Konsa

    The Nymph's Spring (EA900)

    Hi @shangman For good quality food with garlic content I can recommend "New Life Spectrum Thera +A" It comes in granules from 0.5mm upwards.Im not sure if they do flakes tbh but may do. Those foods are really well balanced and very good quality. As for medicating food.Medicating frozen...
  11. Konsa

    Tips for planting in a tank full of water

    Hi and welcome to the community. If this is the 23l tank from your other post I will suggest to swap the Amano shrimp for Cherry shrimp.Amanos get quite large and need a roomier tank(I always had problems with them escaping smaller tanks than 60l in volume) You are correct about the Aponogeton...
  12. Konsa

    The Nymph's Spring (EA900)

    Hi Following this thread and hope you will get to the bottom of it and resolve it soon. Just my 2 cents. During my latest ich attack on my newly purchased SAP Puffers (They seem to get it almost 100% when you buy (move) them)that took absolutely ages to sort out and the real game changer was...
  13. Konsa

    My current tanks(pic heavy)

    Hi The Panacur treatment worked and haven't seen any more after that. Regards Konstantin
  14. Konsa

    Roma 200L lighting advice

    Hi and welcome to the community. Light choice is dependent on the goals you have for your tank.It matters if you plan on CO2 injection and what plant species you will be growing. I am not using the above mentioned led lights but Im running my low tech 100l ( 40cm high) no CO2 tank with 2 T8...
  15. Konsa

    At what age can Psuedomugils breed?

    Hi Have you moved any plants between the tanks. I had babies appearing in new tanks with just plants in. Regards Konstantin