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Recent content by Kristoph91

  1. Kristoph91

    Romford Area Shops?

    Hi guys, Visiting girlfriends parents today till Sunday. Any decent aquatic shops I could take a look at in Essex? Thanks!
  2. Kristoph91

    TMC 15 - Amano Cube

    My ex reef TMC Microhabitat 15. Filtration - HOB in the back compartment and small powerhead in tank. No heater. TMC Aquaray mini 500 tile about 1 inch from the water surface. Dosing liquid carbon 1ml/day & EI every 3 days. Daily 20% WC before dosing. This is about a month in, with all the...
  3. Kristoph91

    Mounting TMC Tile over 15L Pico?

    Unfortunately not! I'm a student, so renting a house - can't really go drilling holes!
  4. Kristoph91

    Mounting TMC Tile over 15L Pico?

    Hi guys, So currently I've got a TMC Aquaray Mini LED 400 over my TMC Microhabitat 15. Its producing great results, but on such a small aquarium the mount supplied with it is really making it look cluttered. I want to suspend the tile about 3 inches from the surface. First off: - Will...
  5. Kristoph91

    Amanos Settling In

  6. Kristoph91

    TMC Microhabitat 15 - Too Much Light?

    Hi Guys, I've had a TMC Microhabitat 15L (http://www.seapets.co.uk/products/aquarium-supplies/aquariums/glass-aquariums/microhabitat-15-nano-reef-aquarium.htmlpreviously a marine setup) in storage for a while. I've dug it out and plan to start it up as a planted invert pico next week. Just...
  7. Kristoph91

    Any Divers Out There?

    Hi Nick, Yeah thats what my instructor was saying. Thats good to hear though as I definitely want to dive abroad, theres a dive holiday at the end of the year in Hurghada, Egypt. So the Red sea. I'd love to do it, just depends on how much I spend this year! I'm studying Marine Bio at Bangor...
  8. Kristoph91

    Any Divers Out There?

    Cool, I was thinking of doing BSAC but the club trains mostly PADI so I just went along with it :) I'd love to try freediving but I've heard too many horror stories of blackouts. Thats pretty cool though I'll jump on and have a look :D
  9. Kristoph91

    Hello from Ireland

    Hi Fran, whereabouts in Ireland are you from? I'm from County Louth its nice to see a bit of home on the forum :D
  10. Kristoph91

    Any Divers Out There?

    Hey guys! I'm loving Uni at the moment, Bangor is great and I love my course. I've been doing a bit of dive training the past 3 weeks and I'm now a qualified open water diver :D So pretty chuffed with that, going to do the advanced open water soon. Anybody else on here dive?
  11. Kristoph91

    240cm Custom Starphire Scape

    Great tank, going to be tough keeping it pretty from that many angles though! Think this is going to be a good 'un. The lights are a bit blue for my liking but I'm sure it will look good when it's all done :D I'd agree with Chris above on the powerheads.
  12. Kristoph91

    Anybody keep any carnivorous plants?

    :wink: Yes mate I am, thanks! I really need a macro lens though :( Might have to borrow one for a week from the Photography Society at Uni. Yeah me neither mate, just started reading up on them yesterday. They seem a lot more.. evolved than other plants! Cool mate :) care to share pictures...
  13. Kristoph91

    Anybody keep any carnivorous plants?

    Hi guys, As I'm in Uni now, my head has been melted with stuff to do. Thats why I haven't been as active as usual, which I'm not liking! Anyway, the Uni runs Treborth Botanical Gardens, here in Bangor. They have a few lovely greenhouses, one of which is completely tropical and overgrown with...
  14. Kristoph91

    Utricularia Graminifolia

    I thought it was a bladder wort? Not a liver wort? The "bladders" are what traps the small insects, and they're not on the leaves they're on the roots as Darrel said. Beautiful flowers though.
  15. Kristoph91

    Could I use this T5 bulb?

    :lol: Clive you are so unbelievably sarcastic :lol: