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Recent content by Lisa_Perry75

  1. Lisa_Perry75

    Which phone?

    Nope still not working. There was two apps called Calendar and one called Calendar storage. If I click a day in the month it comes up with: Create event Local calendar cannot sync with Googe calendar. You need a Google account. (checkbox) Go to account and sync (checkbox) Do not show again...
  2. Lisa_Perry75


    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I don't know why but I keep googling Portuguese Podengo Pequeno :lol: ...and I find a familiar picture... http://forum.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/showthread.php?t=29131
  3. Lisa_Perry75

    [IWAGUMI] My First Iwagumi - Juwel Rio 125 (THE END)

    Saw this tank last weekend, it's looking really good with a Staurogyne carpet. The blyxa has had a massive trim as well. I must admit I was a little distracted playing with the dogs though ;)
  4. Lisa_Perry75

    New member

    Hi Jake, welcome to ukaps! :)
  5. Lisa_Perry75

    Hello from London

    Welcome to ukaps :) What are you studying? I am sure your housemates don't mind looking at the tanks ;) It can be a problem if you have a water meter or you are using tons of extra electricity, housemates can get a bit narky like that. What have you got in your tanks atm?
  6. Lisa_Perry75

    Hi there

    Welcome to ukaps :)
  7. Lisa_Perry75

    Goodmorning !

    Hi Blue, Welcome to ukaps :) despite the name, we have a lot of people from around the world!
  8. Lisa_Perry75

    Greetings from West London

    Welcome to ukaps :)
  9. Lisa_Perry75


    I don't think there is a plants only Hampshire club. There is Portsmouth aquarist society. London has a club that meets monthly if you don't mind travelling. I'm based in Southampton if that helps! There is a members location map on here somewhere, perhaps you could see on there how many people...
  10. Lisa_Perry75

    [CONTEST] UKAPS @ Aquatics Live, Olympia

    Hi all, The show was really good, especially considering it was the first! I too want to echo a few sentiments and thanks to lots of people:- George and Dan - Outstanding effort, as always, on the ukaps front. Can't really say enough so just - big thanks! Paulo - Manning the ukaps stand and...
  11. Lisa_Perry75

    Which phone?

    For some reason my calender on my phone won't sync with my googlemail account grr. Also haven't figured out how to connect my phone with my pc and transfer files. It's also a bit annoying how the SII is different to my desire. Now if I could get an HTC phone that didn't break so often I would be...
  12. Lisa_Perry75

    [CONTEST] UKAPS @ Aquatics Live, Olympia

    Good to hear you will be able to make it again George, although I'm sure James would've done a great job too. I'm looking forward to hearing both your talks. I don't think anyone would've expected UKAPS to be providing accommodation, but I agree with Stu it would be nice to stay in a similar...
  13. Lisa_Perry75

    [CONTEST] UKAPS @ Aquatics Live, Olympia

    Check out megabus, they do trains and sometimes do much much cheaper tickets :thumbup:
  14. Lisa_Perry75

    Which phone?

    Thanks everyone I have just ordered the Samsung Galaxy SII through top cashback, and found an online voucher code for 3 months half price line rental!!! Fingers crossed the cashback works - it should be £141.40!!!
  15. Lisa_Perry75

    Which phone?

    The problem for me was they shut down a mast and didn't replace it so I suddenly couldn't have a conversation the signal was so bad. Months went on like this, I wasted so much time calling customer services. The annoying thing was I'd just signed up to a 24 month contract, what was the point if...