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Recent content by mafoo

  1. mafoo

    Mosses that do or don't attach to Hardscapes!

    Java moss will start off attached, but when it gets old and cuts off the light to where its attached to, it will die off and detach. Same goes with the mosses in the same family like christmas moss, flame moss etc I don't think I've ever seen willow moss attach in water, and its stems are too...
  2. mafoo

    Hydor 200 eth inline heater problem

    I was looking at getting one a while back and of the reviews on amazon, half of them said the thermostat went after 12 months. I think its sadly just a design flaw - lucky for you its still under warrantee. :)
  3. mafoo

    lower pH with vinegar

    So after the remaining 2 crs snuffed it, i did the sensible thing and drained the tank and went and removed all the substrate. I put in florabase topped with their 'shrimp safe' black microgravel. I've conditioned the water with some blackwater extract / tropol, kapta leaves and after a month...
  4. mafoo

    lower pH with vinegar

    So i put the RO in with half the minerals in (up to a tds of 80) on a 20% water change. pH went up to 8, all but 2 of the 10 CRS died. :meh:
  5. mafoo

    UK treatment for bacteria infection in shrimp

    Garlic is recommended by some people as a natural antibiotic. Its also meant to counter act the effects of copper. Not sure if its shrimp safe so ill leave it for some more knolegeable to step in.
  6. mafoo

    whats the secret with moss?

    Mosses prefer cold water. Im guessing with those lights its quite warm. Fissidens seems to tolerate warmer waters better than java type mosses, so maybe give that a try.
  7. mafoo

    German Blue Ram Fry - What Should I Feed Them?

    I've heard cooked egg yoke mixed with water and added a few drops at a time is good starting food for fry.
  8. mafoo

    Beginner foreground plants

    marsala is a good low tech carpet plant. Ive also had lot of luck with monty carlo in my low tech setups.
  9. mafoo

    lower pH with vinegar

    i think my mistake was landscape rock and co2 injection - I've been paying for it ever since.
  10. mafoo

    lower pH with vinegar

    Its neutral when i test it after ive remineralised it. To give you some context, the tap water in this area generally comes out the tap at over pH 8
  11. mafoo

    lower pH with vinegar

    the ph is resolutely over 7.5 with forabase and loads of drift wood. Only ever use RO. Remineralise with salty bee shrimp.
  12. mafoo

    lower pH with vinegar

    My CRS tank's pH is still over 7 despite having colombo and 100% RO. I think the culprit is the landscape rock i had in it for a about 3 months when i first set up up a few years ago. Ive tried kapta leaves but its still over 7. I was wondering if distilled vinegar would be a safe option to...
  13. mafoo

    What do you do with your fish?

    Mix some cornflour and water, dip the fish in and deep fry them for a few minutes. Serve with a slice of lemon.
  14. mafoo

    DIY Chiller

    personally id go with freezing 2L coke bottles with water in them then putting them next to the filter canister wrapped in a towel to insulate it, or floating them in the tank, or wrapping the filter tubes around them.
  15. mafoo

    Purigen question

    Aqua safe is amine-based. To quote seachem's support person