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Recent content by Marco Aukes

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    Vivarium is back

    November 22 & 23
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    Vivarium is back

    It is with great joy and pride that we announce the return of Vivarium:
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    A New Adventure (a jungle mess)

    I have seen our good old Dutch Style in many different kind of tanks, and I am sure it can work. It will make the impact of the famous "streets" even bigger. But it's a pitty this has come to an end, definitely one of my favourites here.
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    George's TMC Signature

    A great journal that has resulted in a stunning scape. The bad part is that we never get to see the final FTS untill judging is done, bit I bet it is worth the wait. Good luck on the contest, the judges should have no other option than to score it well.
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    Crash course Dutch style Aquascaping

    Sorry for the late reply, but better late than never.... Myself I love every style, as long as it is done well. I mean, I can love to watch at a biotope tank just as much. The Co2 distribution is mostly linked to the filter flow back into the aquarium. Filtration differs from tank to tank...
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    How can I solve THESE algae types?

    Ok, but since I am the "read and learn" type of guy (and I have learned a lot from your posts here); any clues on the above what it might be that the topic starter is doing wrong here?
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    Wooden Aquarium

    *raises hand* My 12 year old 310*80*65 tank is a wooden one. Build it myself after having tested it on a smaller size first. When I started the project I thought there would be many advantages, mainly cost wise and in weight. However, once finished, I can only say both were fairytales ;-)...
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    George's TMC Signature

    Hey, one has to be if you want to learn from the ones who know how to do it ;-)
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    George's TMC Signature

    Looks great George! I see your "final" layout got some adjustments compared to the 11 up to 14 tries. In my opinion for the better, particulary since you are now using the best looking sides of the rocks in the most harmonious layout. The rock in the backright looks the best in this way, the...
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    Mark Evans IAPLC rank 137

    Sad to read this topic. Apparently another great competition runs down into the trap of cheating and unfriendly competition. In this case, resulting in one of the best European scapers to not enter anymore. @Mark, in any case you are a champ and the scape remains stunning. Can't wait to follow...
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    120 x 55 x 55 Journal finished.

    Re: 120 x 55 x 55 getting close to the end. Feedback on ste Wow, it has been a while since I took (or had) the time to scroll through the recent journals. I bow to this scape Mark, stunning work. Regarding fish, definitely not a combination of Gouramies and kardinals; have you ever tried...
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    Danish Aquarium Fair - Aarhus 2011

    Thanks for sharing guys! I had great plans to go there myself, but this time I had to choose for the family which had planned the anual trip in the same week.
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    The UKAPS massive, invade Holland! Vivarium 2011

    March 24th and 25th 2012 :shh:
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    120 Gallon/450 liter rimless starfire ADA "like"

    stunning piece of wood!
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    Some of my tanks - Octopus

    Welcome Laza, I have seen your stunning pico's/nano's before; but your bigger tanks and saltwater are stunning a well! Truly an inspirator!