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    George Famer @ Maidenhead Leicester - Update

    Thanks James, really appreciated and good to meet you. Jonny :), indeed quite new to the range
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    George at Leicester MA - anyone going?

    me too :)
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    Blanket weed in the garden pond?? Advice needed

    well as it seems you're the expert there's no need for me to give any advice anymore. enjoy your oxygen bleach and if it has gone wrong call the expert.
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    Best value for money fish food

    Dr Bassleer biofish , Hikari and Frozen fish food
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    Blanket weed in the garden pond?? Advice needed

    phosphate remover and a blanket weed killer on a regular basis will do the trick, not much more you can do as you can't control sun light and rain which are both the main courses for Blanket weed.
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    New 6ft tank problems

    well done, glad it's sorted. M.
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    New 6ft tank problems

    Gents. don't understand me wrong. I am the first person to agree that the shop needs to find a solution. It's only a common misunderstanding that you can expect straight away a refund or a brand new one or what ever. that's not how it works according to the law. That it works different is down...
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    New 6ft tank problems

    Guys, we are talking about a 6ft tank not a £ 8.99 air pump. If you buy a new car and you find out that something is wrong you expect a repair if you're lucky but nobody is expecting a refund. But saying that, any chance you post some pictures as it looks a bit odd to me that you have air...
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    New 6ft tank problems

    is your nick name a... hol, one of the most stupid advises I have ever seen never heard about discussing issues first before acting like an idiot. for sure if you go to the shop and you tell them the issue they will help you out. I am afraid that the rest of your advice is also incorrect. The...
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    Plants from Hong Kong

    for your info. it takes less than 24 hours to import between shipping and receiving ( you're talking about the time between ordering and receiving.) And yes there are legal issues importing plants without an import license and notifying Defra. so save yourselves a lot of hassle those few...
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    can you crowd blue rams?

    If you make sure you give them enough hiding space and don't over crowd your tank with other fish you can do 2 pairs.
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    Help please- switching to reactor

    Ed :) Have you got a link for building your own diffusor because searching give's you a link to this treat ? thanks, Maurits
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    600 litre planted discus tank ( Journal)

    6. don't think that the picture justifies the fish. they are Stendkers and not settled in yet. Nothing to worries.
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    Best substrate for Dutch tank

    yep. My good old friend Willem is indeed using only river sand. Crypto's and echinodorus are getting extra iron and fertilizer in capsule/ tablet form cose to the roots.
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    600 litre planted discus tank ( Journal)

    Getting more and more happy with this tank, plants are growing but slow exactly as I wanted as I don't want to trim every week. I have got my so beloved discus and also some lovely checkerboard ciclids. More than enough fish now