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    Green LED's work for me! No algea issue as green light is of no use! (Blue does! IMO/E) I use a LED M16 connector bulb (12 VDc) cost about £6 from local elecy shop THT, Cheers, Mick B Something like these;
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    Mechanical media question

    Ceramic rings are for colonisation of bacterial-filtration (IMO). Inlet sponge works well (over inlet strainer, in tank) and is easy to clean, without breaking into the cannister :D HTH, Cheers, Mick B PS, The thin pad, I buy large pad of Koi matting, cut to size and split-off a thin...
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    Gas escaping, is this normal?

    Just to be safe (as C02 can be cold when exhausting/decompressing) put some gloves on! :wink: Caffine & Nicotine, don't calm nerves, But I still try it, 20+ times a day :lol: :lol: 8)
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    Multiple Pumps

    :wink: :) :) :)
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    Multiple Pumps

    Hi Matt, Just a thought, the inlet pipe size of the pumps may be the determining factor? If you are tight for space, to get 2 inlets and 2 outlets into the tank (bl**dy brace bars!) then you may find it's the size of the biggest inlet which will fit, determines which pump. No point in getting...
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    Multiple Pumps

    Hi Matt, The choice is yours! :D But IMO I would go with the additional 2000 ltr unit (but that's just IMO :oops: ) This may not suit you, but I find, when checking the flow patterns, a few drips of malachite green or meth-blue can help :wink: Cheers, Mick B
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    Multiple Pumps

    Hi Matt, The pumps will compete, and dependant upon which way around, filter-load etc, and they may even cause cavitation (not good). Also, most cannisters have pipe and fittings, to match the impellor output, so you may not see any improvment at all! So IMO, (I have similar) put them on...
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    Don't BIN that Algae!

    Great link Steve, thanks :D So the Future is not Orange, it's Green :mrgreen:
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    Don't BIN that Algae!

    :D Well, we all concentrate on getting rid of the stuff, but it may well soon be driving us to work! :wink: :mrgreen: Thought this extract from 'Processtalk' might be of interest! beats the hell out of chopping down rain forest to grow pine-oil :evil: "2] Algae oil feedstock for biodiesel...
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    My new toy - from monday 20th

    Nice :D Last year, I switched from a Honda 600/4 to a triumph 675/triple, You gonna love the sound and the grunt :D :D Cheers, Mick B
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    Something Killing off my fish...

    Hi , I have wormed my Discus (on more than one occasion :) ) with Panacur (Puppy dog strength wormer, 1 gram crushed and mixed with 100 grams of meat-mix food). Served morning & night Day 1 and Day 5 (excess removed after 10 mins) Never been a problem with snails or shrimps, BUT it is dosed...
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    "He's coming home, he's coming home, he's coming...

    Good News! But I hope he's not driving that custom lorry home! :lol:
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    Local transport in Kandahar

    Hi George, Is it me? :? or is there a strong resemblance to Arnie the "Terminator" :lol: Oh and theres no Tax Disc on your truck!!!! :lol: :lol:
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    Where are you from?

    South Lincolnshire :D
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    James3200s 6.5x2x2' planted tank - UPDATE - 26/06/09

    Re: James3200s 6.5x2x2' planted tank - Discus now in Hi James, Just a thought? :oops: Wonder if, with all those Discus, you may be visiting the British Discus Show @ Bristol in November?? (Not too far from you!) Cheers, Mick B