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Recent content by mlgt

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    Aquascaper 900 - Comeback Lockdown Tank :)

    Fantastic. Looking forward seeing this one grow in. Its been too long of a wait :)
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    My kitchen nano

    Fab. Thanks for this. :)
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    My kitchen nano

    Do you have a link for the 10w light? My son recently managed to snap my denerle light and chuck it into the tank :( Need something to replace.
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    45 centimeter nano tank

    My bad. Yes. we didnt get the chance to meet. Likely to be heading over next April so will be going Zhongshan via SZ route this time. Amanos will love cleaning it in quick time!
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    Tangled Roots

    I like it. It does look very natural and flows well.
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    Nelson's 120P

    Really like this. The natural look does it for me :) Well done.
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    Journal Nelson's Wabi's

    Good growth and interesting to follow.
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    45 centimeter nano tank

    Coming along nicely are you still in GZ?
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    Hello all from another new member in London

    Hello and welcome. Im just up the road in N2 :)
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    Local enthusiasts and peer support.

    Hi Nilo. LFKC started off this particular route. We intend to host a meet at some point. Will update our page later in the year.
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    Sub's 5.4g Mini-M-ish Ohko Iwagumi

    Welcome and the layout looks great. Looking forward seeing the tank evolve.
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    First Journal - Mini-M

    Interesting pieces. Look forward to seeing the updates.
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    25 Liters - Low Tech

    I like the simplicity of it. Very natural looking. Any shrimps in there?
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    New layout for my 120cm tank

    Lovely layout and so clean. Im off to Zhongshan in May. Fancy meeting up in HK or ZS?.
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    Anyone had their car wrapped a different colour?

    Ive done plastidipping on various car parts over time and I think for a more seamless finish wrapping is the way. However plastidipping is considered more value for money and its something you could probably do it home in a garage. What is the car that you will be "pimping" :)