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Recent content by Morgan Freeman

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    30cm Cube

    Just chopped up the sponge in the filter and replanted! Nutrients are passed from the water column through the roots.
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    30cm Cube

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    Fish Tank Kings!

    Awful, unoriginal, annoying. It's not the worst thing I've ever seen but it's close.
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    30cm Cube

    Sorry about the dark pictures had to use my phone. It's obviously not finished yet. Need the stems to grow and add some more moss to the front. Will be planting some form of low growing plant in front of the stone on the right. As for the HOB the peace lilly only went in 2 days ago as did the...
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    Do Geckos Really Eat Fish?

    There's no reason why they wouldn't.
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    Round cobbles / pebbles

    I'm in London but have friends in Brighton so I'm down there quite a bit. Sometimes head to the Witterings to go camping. They weren't especially colourful so I'd imagine it's pretty much the same as Eastbourne!
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    Round cobbles / pebbles

    Where do you live? I've picked up a few from Brighton and West Wittering is great for larger pebbles.
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    grape vine wood

    It will rot eventually, even in high humidity terrariums it will rot.
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    30cm Cube

    Yes there is that but tbh I didn't really want the hassle of re-ordering and so on. I have ordered from them before and the plants have been fine. They send everything out on the monday and mine were received the next day, the state of the plants couldn't have been from just spending a night in...
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    Rocky meadow

    Looks great! I echo the comments about keeping it overgrown but I suppose that's the look I prefer.
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    30cm Cube

    Fair enough. It was Plants Alive. The plants were not alive, they were brown and largely leafless. The envelope had flattened the plants and a brown goo leaked out when I opened it, no doubt dead plant matter.
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    how many rasboras?

    Doh! I should have noticed too :oops:
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    30cm Cube

    As far as I'm aware it's not allowed. Suffice to say all the plants melted and died within a few days, other plants are doing fine. No pics as I'm still really unhappy with how things look!