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Recent content by nayr88

  1. nayr88

    Learning Curve!

    i know its been a while since an update on this one but i was searching for this tank and came across the jounral. really keen to get one and yours is a great inspiration! would love to see an update :)
  2. nayr88

    Taxation Fuel card - help me understand

    Thank you I will give it a try, although many also take into account that you are using a company car and so use the co2 emissions to base this from however with a private vehicle I don't believe this is the case. I would but it's an allowance and not a vehicle, the tax is only dependant on...
  3. nayr88

    Taxation Fuel card - help me understand

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone may be in a similar position and be able to help me understand how this is worked out. offered a new job with the package as below; XXk a year salary ( inside 20% tax rate) 3 k car allowance (paid as salary monthly) Fuel card (Business and private use) The part that...
  4. nayr88

    My new Oase 175 Styline

    great to see you've beaten the diatoms etc when reading through this I could really see the potential with the scape. Interesting choice of fish too, have you always kept Discuss as you mention the co2 idea being a bit much for a beginner but I'm scared to death of attempting Discus but happy to...
  5. nayr88

    DIY Project Desktop Pico/Mini Acrylic Tank

    I’ll come back this evening with some examples or at least a sketch up of what I mean
  6. nayr88

    DIY Project Desktop Pico/Mini Acrylic Tank

    Very impressive! Just came over from the donation advert you had up and it’s very tempting but I have never taken in a pico tank, this is around 2 litres righ? Are you taking on commissions for other size tanks? I really think there could be more market for this on here especially with the...
  7. nayr88

    Shallow Nano

    thank you Ollie 👍
  8. nayr88

    Shallow Nano

    So I’ve managed to glue wood and bits around the sides to contain the aqua soil ! Just need to get a plant list going for the plants on the upper deck. Any recommendations?
  9. nayr88

    ADA 60P New Display

    great start, looking forward to see the B.Japonica, one of my favourites and also the glosso, very underused
  10. nayr88

    Project II - 5 Gallon Low Tech Cube Tank

    Very cool, really like the look of the tank on the left itself! They come with a light too but you’ve changed for the ONF?
  11. nayr88

    22l Nature Aquarium

    wow, that's awesome, so many plants in such a little box! hats off to you! At which percentage do you run the light at? i have it and haven't used it yet, how many hours also :) cheers
  12. nayr88

    Shallow Nano

    Hello I’ve been really inspired by some tanks floating around on Instagram so have given this a go! it’s one of those turtle tanks, nothing special, although if I have some success I would really like to do something closer to 60cm.
  13. nayr88

    Low tech Bowl

    Great bowl, what have you found the most successful plant species have been for you?
  14. nayr88

    Doreys Biorb Air 60’s

    Amazing! Are there budget all in one versions of this on the market you would recommend. Just plug and play
  15. nayr88

    ADA 30c The Joans Tank

    Guys and gals this tank is being given another life! Some bits purchased for its revival