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    Jumping chocos :(

    new Additions to a mature tank. Will look at the water level thanks, good idea.
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    Jumping chocos :(

    need some help guys I have an issue with jumping chocos. I've lost 3 to the floor in the last week :(. I put a piece of glass across the offending end today and Ones jumped out the other end. It's a heavily planted tank with floaters covering the entire surface and the tank is semi dark water...
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    Stig of the Sump

    I've done the mod and confirm it does fix the issue my pump is an newa pump 2200 I think. It's operating well within it's capacity, I had to add a valve on the return to throttle back flow..
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    Stig of the Sump

    Looking good.
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    Shrimp disease

    Matt What makes you think it was an internal bacteria infection? Could be many things just wondering why you concluded that.
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    Not a clean slate, 200L

    Welcome on board. Love a tidy cabinet. Shame I can never achieve it. :)
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    Stig of the Sump

    Looking good. Can you get and rocks under the branches that stick out from right to left do it looks like the root is growing over them?
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    Grendel's DIY ADA 90P

    Looking good. Like the use of the ikea lamp. Are you intending to drop in a specialist plant growth bulb?
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    Stig of the Sump

    Ha ha excellent.. Very Heath Robinson, does the job though right?
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    Stig of the Sump

    Mine looks like this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stig of the Sump

    Don't have plants near sump drain. But have made a diy cover after finding 15 ember tetras in the sump. I'll try and get a picture but essentially I cut up an old sieve and wrapped the mesh over the drain. Works a treat. :)
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    Stig of the Sump

    I have the same tank. also bought second hand as an ex marine tank, The sump gives massive over filtration. Mines low tech and doing well. :) Hardscape developing well.
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    Cherry Shrimp Breed In Soft Water

    Conditions look OK to me. They should breed in that water.
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    Question about cherry shrimp

    Agreed. Check the females they are normally the ones you grade cherries off as males can be quite pale.
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    chocoloate gourami and highgrade CRS

    Ok cheers guys. Managed to move the tank to the kitchen today. Been promising myself to do this for 12months. Study tank has arrived. Will have a Busy day over xmas....