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    Ed's Rio 180

    Tank is looking great Ed! I particularly like the Crinum calamistratum - been thinking about some of that for mine. Bet it's going to look top notch by Christmas Day! Have a great Christmas!
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    Feedback Saved again!

    Thanks once again to Richard... off on holiday tomorrow and realised on Monday night my CO2 was on it's way out. Got a reassuring phone call yesterday and order arrived this morning! Can always rely on AE :D :D :D
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    Hi no moto

    Sure are! Looks good! :D
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    [FoF] October 2008

    Great pics. The stand looks wicked!!! Nice work!
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    2ft Optiwhite - The Rising Sun

    Great pictures :D
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    Where are you from?

    Re: Where are you from Nottingham
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    Poll: Do you use gabbly chat?

    I can't see that. But Clark did enlighten me! Lots of computer talk mainly :shock:
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    wcmm nooky show

    I had a load of WCMM's a while back and used to see the males displaying and competing against each other quite aggressively! The females are always full of eggs but I've never had anything come of it. I think they are beautiful and much underrated!
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    Congratulations, Aqua Essentials!

    Congratulations Richard! Had any thoughts about how to make sure you come first next year?! :wink:
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    Poll: Do you use gabbly chat?

    Blonde girl question :oops: ... what is it?!
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    Group meetings/events

    I think it's a good idea - the Portuguese ones looked brilliant! I think most of us would pay an 'entrance fee' to make it possible. And I bet we could amass a fair bit of free stuff between the members and the sponsors... :D
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    First planted setup.....

    Lol! That's almost as dangerous as the book... or the tropica site for that matter. I end up with a bigger and bigger list. And then another tank... and another... :lol: :lol: :lol: Mark's advice is very good though - set yourself a max number to avoid that 'kid in a sweetshop' syndrome...
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    Dan Crawford's Jurassic Dawn

    Absolutely love it!!! One of my favourites so far! :D :D :D
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    Cleaning Piping?

    I do mine when they look like they need it. Eheim do a flexible cleaning brush on a long piece of nylon - cost about £3 and works a treat