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Recent content by oddn0ise

  1. oddn0ise

    Anubias Disease!

    This week I have retrieved a floating Anubias leaf a day. Could this be the beginning of the disease you mention, any suggestions on what to do next?
  2. oddn0ise

    Jurassic Valley 270L (oddn0ise)

    Bucephalandra Kedegang growing well, happy Corys and cherry shrimps too
  3. oddn0ise

    My first planed tank, with help from Aquarium Gardens

    Agreed, they were really helpful on my first visit, looking forward to a return trip at some point...
  4. oddn0ise

    Planted Tank Fertilizers Masterclass

    all 3 videos in one night, lots to think about, but great stuff in there, however much you think you know.
  5. oddn0ise

    Jurassic Valley 270L (oddn0ise)

    "Try Seachem Iron." Ok cheers, will check it out.
  6. oddn0ise

    Jurassic Valley 270L (oddn0ise)

    After 4 months: Fish and shrimps are all in good shape. Buces are happy, Balansae going well, Anubias is returning back to good health, but Tenellum is thinning and struggling to get the Rotundifolia to settle, both on the right ...
  7. oddn0ise

    River life photos

    just adding to the great selection of dragonflies in this thread... From a back garden in London...
  8. oddn0ise

    Happy X-ray tetra - 270L

    Fish are starting to colour up again. Moving a happy tank full of fish seems to be stressful all round so happy to see tetras, corys and cherry shrimps all returning to their happy state.
  9. oddn0ise

    Jurassic Valley 270L (oddn0ise)

    Fair bit of damage from Anubias melt, but everything seems to be recovering. Added a couple more Buces and got some Seachem Flourish Glue which is great for attaching the plants. The Rotala looks to be settling in already.
  10. oddn0ise

    Jurassic Valley 270L (oddn0ise)

    A quick trim, and Montevidensis has now been replaced with Cryptocoryne Balansae and have introduced some Rotala Rotundifolia (Green) to fill out the right hand side.
  11. oddn0ise

    Jurassic Valley 270L (oddn0ise)

    Nitrite is finally down and the fish all seem happy, so far. There's a fair bit of Anubias melt though and I'm not sure about the Montevidensis seems a bit regular to me.
  12. oddn0ise

    Trimming Helanthium Tennelum

    Do you guys trim Tennelum or leave it to grow naturally. I do like the natural look but not sure whether it's better to trim it...
  13. oddn0ise

    Water change 50% net or gross ?

    Yeah pre-Sumerian era here too, and am in the middle of cycling so have transported over 600 litres this weekend by bucket. I'm somehow scared of the tech (and the tightly coiled green tubing) and transporting it through the house and up the garden. Tried a pump and it flipped off the glass and...
  14. oddn0ise

    Jurassic Valley 270L (oddn0ise)

    still juggling with the Ammonia levels, so no return for the fish just yet. Biggest innovation for me has been using glue for the first time. JBL Pro Haru for the hardscape, and Seachem Flourish for the plants, both have been a revelation...
  15. oddn0ise

    Water parameters during cycling

    yeah the fungus seems to be moving on, but not able to add back-in the fish just yet...