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Recent content by peter50blue

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    Nano Aquarium 20 to 30 ltr Recommendations

    I've always owned high tech CO2 injected aquariums but would like to try setting up a nano tank using liquid carbon only. My initial thought was to purchase a Dennerle tank but I like the look of the Fluval Spec 5 from the point of view of everything being concealed. However, I don't know the...
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    Hi Tech Tank Holiday Care

    I'm just wondering what the best practice is for maintaining a high tech planted tank when on holiday? For a one week holiday I usually leave my Co2 and lighting as is and dose one weeks worth of Tropica Ferts (normally daily) I don't feed the fish as I know they will be fine. I have read...
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    Staghorn Algae

    Ceg, As aforementioned I hadn't considered the change in PH with my lights on that had been the case since tank set up, three months ago. My interpretation of stable CO2 was the period on/off and flow rate, clearly wrong on my behalf. Yes, I'm pleased to say my Harlequin Rasbora, Red Cherry...
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    Staghorn Algae

    Gents, Since my initial post I've been making the adjustments to my Co2 as recommended. Initially my Co2 levels were two hrs late for optimal Co2/PH drop at lights on, after adding the wave maker it reduced to an hour behind.. I will adjust the timing tomorrow. The aquarium water is Ph7 before...
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    Staghorn Algae

    Alto, The tank has been running for 3 months now. You know what it is like though when algae appears and you see your carpet slowly being taken over. The Staghorn is appearing all over the tank but mainly on the slower growing plants as you would expect, also a little BBA algae on the Eleocharis...
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    Staghorn Algae

    Zeus, thanks for the comments, I'm aware of fluctuating Co2 levels causing issues but never considered mine would be increasing overtime during the photo period. I will change the timer so I have max Co2 when the lights come on and measure it as you say initially. Great advice very much...
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    Staghorn Algae

    I'm experiencing Staghorn algae in my Juwel Rio 125 LED. I can just control this through constant spot dosing and high maintenance etc but as we know this isn't a long term solution. Tank Parameters: 40% weekly water changes Lights on 7 hrs per day Co2 around 30ppm on 1hr before light on (Ph...
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    LED Lighting For 24” High Tec Tank

    I’m looking at all the available LED lighting options for a 24”x15”x12” high tech tank. The two units that appear to have have good ratings are the Fluval Fresh & Plant and the Dennerle Trocal. Does anyone have any experience of these lights or alternative options? Kindest Regards Peter French
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    Juwel Multilux LED

    I have experience of Juwel T5 lighting and and plant growth capabilities from the past. However, I’m looking to purchase a new Juwel Rio125 aquarium and have noticed they are now supplied with LED Multilux light units. Please can anyone have give me a comparison between the old T5 tubes and...