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Recent content by Piece-of-fish

  1. Piece-of-fish

    CO2 manifold with multiple valves

    Bumping again. Still on the first 2 of these. Going strong for 7 years. ;) Not sure there is better quality for the money.
  2. Piece-of-fish

    Finally... UK aquascaping competiion.

    Agreeing or not agreeing does not change the situation unfortunatelly and this is sad truth. 3-4 active with skills to compete in IAPLC and get top 100. Might sound harsh but this is the reality.
  3. Piece-of-fish

    Coming back to UKAPS...

    No pressure. We will accept only a big aquascape journal as an apology :p 200L+ please :twisted:
  4. Piece-of-fish

    Finally... UK aquascaping competiion.

    If you let me comment about the limit on both tank size and limit on entries. The limit on top size in not quite necessary as it is very unlikely that you would get flooded with such size entries and on the other side if you ge any it is deserved to be seen. Planted aquariums of this size are...
  5. Piece-of-fish

    Finally... UK aquascaping competiion.

    10£ fee is a good idea to stop goldfish bowl entries as someone said. On the other hand number of entries could be unlimited and goldfish gang sponsoring and promoting the comp :) Dont think its introduced to pay for prizes as to get 250 entries is very optimistic. Plus they have to work hard at...
  6. Piece-of-fish

    Finally... UK aquascaping competiion.

    Why would you need to know the company? They are one of the biggest wholesalers in the trade so we should not know them. To organise something like this takes a lot of work and lets admit the prizes are very good. First year will be trial and error but it should improve in the future. One thing...
  7. Piece-of-fish

    Finally... UK aquascaping competiion.

    Such exciting news. Surprised not to see more interest on the topic :(
  8. Piece-of-fish

    Finally... UK aquascaping competiion.

    Its a rotating hobby. People get tired of wc in 2-3 years and dissapear.
  9. Piece-of-fish

    Finally... UK aquascaping competiion.

    I bet you can ignore the number of entrants restriction ;)
  10. Piece-of-fish

    Finally... UK aquascaping competiion.

    Get your scissors out guys. Some questionable criteria but overall pretty exciting. http://www.ukasc.co.uk/
  11. Piece-of-fish

    Steve's ADA 120P - Emerald Isles

    Nice scape. My heart is bleeding to see people still waste money on substrate additives though.
  12. Piece-of-fish

    Resolved! Stopped getting notifications about personal messages received.

    As per title. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. Piece-of-fish

    The Next Episode - 800 litres

    Very beautiful design. This wood looks like dense enough not needing soaking. whats the plan for planting?
  14. Piece-of-fish

    GlasGarten Mini L "Nemesis"

    Nice scape. And I really like Daytime leds. Got myself one this weekend. 7000K version looks brilliant and it looks like give at least double power of same watts T5.
  15. Piece-of-fish

    The art of planted aquarium 2015 - Hanover

    Mr. Stu forgot to update this :)