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Recent content by premierpark

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    New Filter for 60x40x40

    Hi Everyone! I'm going to buy a new filter for my 96l (60x40x40 cm) tank. Now I use an Eheim 2075 filter, but I'll be selling it on Thursday, because it's 5 years old. I am very happy with the eheim filters so far, so I would like to buy a new Eheim for my next filter as well. What would you...
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    DIY EL ferts

    Hi! I would like to make EL ferts for my aquarium plants. Are there any guide on the forum? Hard to make?
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    DIY ADA fert

    Hi Guys! Do I have any chance of making ADA ferts DIY? Is there any description I could make based on? thank you
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    Aqua Rebell Lily Pipes comparison

    Hi All! I want to buy a 13mm lily pipe for my 60cm * 40cm * 40cm aquarium. The Aqua Rebell offers two type of lily pipe: the OF2 the OF3 I don’t know yet which one would be more ideal for my aquarium size. If you have pictures of any of the products in an aquarium, please show them to me...
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    Best ferts for the plant plus the shrimp

    Hi All! I want to find out which fert is most suitable for my aquarium and shrimp. So, My tank size is 60cm * 40cm * 40cm Light: ATI Sun power 4×24 W lámpa incl. dimmcomputer: 1W/litre 3 pieces - Sylvania 865 T5 HO 24W = 5550 lm 1 piece - Eheim Freshpower Daylight T5 24W = 1850 lm...
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    Algae in my thank, please help me.

    Weakly: 30% water change, cleen the glass, clean organic material from the gravel
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    Algae in my thank, please help me.

    Hi! There is a large amount of green algae in my aquarium. What could be the reason? Tank specifications - 60x40x40 - 96litre Lighting - T5 96W - 7 hours(From 15:00 to 21:00) CO2 - Pressurised from(From 13:00 to 21:00) Filtration - Eheim 2075 with Seachem Matrix Fertilisation routine -...
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    Glass In + Outflows

    Dear! I would like to buy a glass 17mm inflow and a glass 13mm outflow. Because I live in Hungary, I would like to order from European shop. What do you reccomend? Which company/manufacturer? Which product?
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    Which soil?

    Hi! I'm planning to rebuild my Aquarium Scape. What do you think, which is the best soil from theese? ADA Amazonia Tropica Aquarium Soil Dennerle Scaper's Soil GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil Dennerle Shrimp King Active Soil Please justify your choice. Thank you very much
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    Best scissor?

    Hi Guys! I would like to buy a professional scissor. I live in Hungary. There is only one good place in this country, the Greenaqua. I like these products from the shop: https://www.greenaqua.hu/en/ada-do-aqua-do-scissors-s.html https://www.greenaqua.hu/en/oase-hajlitott-ollo-27-cm.html...
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    Nature in my living room

    I have already turn off half of the lights. light time 14:00 to 21:00. So now 0,5w/liter. There are 10 amano in the tank and 4 otocinclus. And abou 7 taiwan bee shrimp. Carbo is not a good solution to kill the algae? With a small brush i can daub the algae.
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    Nature in my living room

    thanks guys! what is the better choise: my light dimmable, so i'm able to set the light 50-70-90 % etc just turn off 2 of the 4 lamps and then the light is 0,5w/litre
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    Nature in my living room

    I have algae problems lately. I don't know what type of algae is this. Has someone any idea? Untitled by Erik Kiss, on Flickr
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    Nature in my living room

    thank you so much. :)
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    Nature in my living room

    Final full tank shot: Title: Nature in my living room Dimensions:60x40x40 CO2: high pressure co2 bottle, Papillon reductor, aquario diffuser, 24hours Filtration: Eheim 2075 limited edition with glass IN- / Outflows Lights: ATI Sun Power T5 - 4x24W , Sylvania T5 - 24 W ; 6500 K; 1850 lm...