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    Critique my aquascape 3 months old aquascape

    go sand and take your time / do some homework
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    Calling DIY cabinet builders!

    is green mdc any better to use
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    LED - High power DIY - 60cm

    powering them through a network cable ?
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    Changing Bottle

    definitely leave the needle valve alone, takes long enough to set up as it is
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    Co2 reactor noise!

    have you tried it bolt upright ?
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    MC Mountains - 12g long

    what skimmer is used?
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    Aquarium conversion

    had never really thought about the fact the water falls to the sump rather than syphoned on a vacuum as with an external filter
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    New Scape Dragon stones.

    looks awesome,
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    Newbie - Needs help with Setup

    the jewel is ok but most of the equipment is pretty useless if you really get in to the hobby
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    Hmm a little concerned about my new (second hand) Eheim 2317 filter.

    dodged a bullet there , last thing you want filtering a tank is an unpredictable filter popping a fews whilst your at work
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    Anyone Want Some Free Cherry Shrimp?

    hi james looking to get a few cherry shrimp to live in a sump , is your tank stocked at the minute , id happily pay for a few
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    Cherry shrimp in a sump?

    cherry are like rabbits , if its wet they'll survive
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    Stig of the Sump

    what light is fitted for the sump ? i was just going to stick a mini 400 tile in the cabinet
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    Ecotech Radion Freshwater LED

    any updates on these guys ? I'm thinking of getting one but would like a bit of long term feedback as to if you feel they were really worth the extra ££
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    Tube for dosing pump

    co2 grade airline here :)