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Recent content by sa80mark

  1. sa80mark

    Diagnose about plant health

    Greenfingers is the man for this one, from what I can see I'd say your on the right path, wabi can take a month or 2 to get going, mine took a good 8 weeks before it started to grow properly, other factors such as room temperature can play a big part in plant health, remove the yellow and...
  2. sa80mark

    Fluval G6 spary bar positioning

    Below the waterline if your growing plants, if you place it about the water line you will drive off to much co2
  3. sa80mark

    The tank of Sentimentally (closing insitu shot with sneaky peak at my next project)

    Nice little setup there mate, do you have any info on the lights youve got in that pic ? What are they and where from mark
  4. sa80mark

    Entry Level DSLR

    Agree with big tom, I was all set on getting a nikon d5200 but when I went to the shop and had a play with it, it just didnt feel right in my hands so I had a play with the canons and they just felt right so I would advise nipping down to your local camera shop and see which you prefer :)
  5. sa80mark

    under tank mat, what are they and were to buy ?

    I went with 5mm for a similar sized tank :)
  6. sa80mark

    Big changes are coming...but! :)

    Done :)
  7. sa80mark

    140lx70wx50h rimless ??

    Sounds perfect to me, the safety calculator I use gives a safety factor of 5, so whether its 5 or 7 your still safe to go ahead, look forward to seeing some pictures ;)
  8. sa80mark

    A few recent landscapes

    Not been on much lately due to working away but I've nipped on and seen this post and I've just spent half hour drooling at your pics, simply superb mate :)
  9. sa80mark

    dennerle 30l new scape

    Hi Andy unfortunately this was taken down due to work and an upgrade to a larger opti white, which all being well will be set up in the next 3 weeks :)
  10. sa80mark

    Lights for ADA Mini M - low tech?

    Same as above post mate ;)
  11. sa80mark

    Lights for ADA Mini M - low tech?

    I bought a boyu unit after asking Tim about his and for the money (£23 ebay) they are amazing :)
  12. sa80mark

    DIY Project Arcadia Stretch LED Dual Timer Installation

    Big thumbs up, I can see a lot of people copying this, I'm bookmarking it just in case I get some stretch led ;)
  13. sa80mark

    DIY Project Arcadia Stretch LED Dual Timer Installation

    Very clever fix, how did you come up with that ? Are you a sparky ?
  14. sa80mark

    Bucep's bluff thread finished :-)

    Simply superb mate :)