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Recent content by spaldingaquatics

  1. spaldingaquatics

    Washing hands before putting them in the tank!

    As long as you rinse your hands then there's not going to be enough residue to cause problems.
  2. spaldingaquatics

    Plant ID

    looks like Ceratopteris thalictroides. Have a look on the tropica website to see what you think
  3. spaldingaquatics

    Hot tap water, deadly to shrimp?

    It's not good. Use boiling water from a kettle to take the chill off cold tap water
  4. spaldingaquatics

    Should I add MTS?? - Yeay or Nay?

    You're fired from my snail sales team :lol: :wink:
  5. spaldingaquatics

    Should I add MTS?? - Yeay or Nay?

    I have a tank just for MTS :D Nothing wrong with them, you can get a pretty fancy snail but the MTS is the solid trusted backbone of aquarium snails :wink: Free if you want some? :D
  6. spaldingaquatics

    What critters do you have in your tank(s)?

    I have a fair few critters in my shrimp tank, Tadpole snails Ramshorn ect Sand shrimp I have a tank just for trumpet snails aswell All are free if you'd like any :D
  7. spaldingaquatics

    Paypal Verification.

    That's the std verification for allowing £650 or something like that to be withdrawn from your paypal into your bank account. you'll then have to upgade once that limit is reached to allow more funds to be withdrawn into your bank. change your password every month.
  8. spaldingaquatics

    CO2 refills in Peterborough

    Thanks Dan, I'm that - close to adding CO2, good to know of them cheers mate
  9. spaldingaquatics

    Shrimp tank re done and some thanks as well

    Why didn't I think of that! :shock: I've got the same kit and used both peices and it doesn't look all that great, the thought of securing it to one piece is such a good idea! :D
  10. spaldingaquatics

    Shrimp tank re done and some thanks as well

    Hi, just looking at your snail stock, are they trumpet?
  11. spaldingaquatics


    True, but what if the seller has closed down their paypal account though?
  12. spaldingaquatics


    It's gone, along with your money. The only hope is that you paid by paypal? and if so hope that they still have their paypal active. Otherwise they've completley had you :? Sadly, it's full of scams and many people using loads of stolen accounts to do things like that.
  13. spaldingaquatics


    Hi, How do you make a signature into a clickable link? thanks Adam
  14. spaldingaquatics

    TDI's Blyxa-Blyxa Journal

    I never thought you'd make it look that good! 8) not that I ever doubted you :lol: Brilliant Dan I'd love to have a tank that well planted
  15. spaldingaquatics

    Creating a Free Forum

    www.freeforumit.com :D